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Ruger Blackhawk 44mag early 3 screw Flat Top version. Amazing barn find piece from 1960. The Blackhawk replicated the size of the old Colt Single Action Army's in both frame size and grip size among other characteristics. 4 clicks to bring the hammers back, and to freely spin the cylinder for loading the hammer had to be placed at half-cock, such similar lock work to the Colt, that the Blackhawk had three screws on the side of the frame just as the Colts did , with a "flat top" just like custom Colts from back in the day. Perfect condition with minimal wear, estate piece and probably purchased new. Bright blue, outstanding functioning, smooth Ruger medallion wood grips.  $475(33443)                 

Colt Python 357 mag revolver, blued 4" bbl,  adj sites, target trigger, vintage 1981 with  K serial number. Known for their butta smooth action. No box, shooter grade.        $2399 (32680)

 SW mod 36 Chiefs Special, a classic. 5 shot 38 special in rare 3" barrel and rare nickel finish with early flat latch .Wood grips, clean bore and tight lockup.                            From a local SW collection, now ready for yours. $695(25106)

Smith & Wesson SW1911TA  Stainless steel E- Series 5” 1911.  Comes with Night sights, box and papers in .45ACP $999 (26023)

SW model 38 Airweight hammerless 5 shot 2" 38special revolver. Very early gun.        All original, from original owner. SW wood grips, alloy frame, shrouded hammer.        Old School Cool. You will be the second owner.  With box. $699 (32513)

Randall 1911 rare pistol from early 1980's known for being the first all stainless steel 1911 and first available left handed configurations. Randall originally started in 1981 under contract by S Korea to manufacture 1911's. (Named after US General Randall who had worldwide name recognition and was an officer in the company)  But, the         S Koreans cancelled the contract prior to receiving any guns, so Randall decided to go after the civilian market since they had a brand new factory. We have an early 1911     45 cal Service Model variation A131, with flat top and Millet Mod 100 Gold Cup style adjustable target sights. Slide marked Service Model, bearing C suffix serial number indicating Caspian frame with original magazine. This version was made from 09/83 to October 22, 1984 with the total production run of only 2083 units. Rare and neat collectible with a compelling history. Not duplicated. Estate of local collector.             Will. Be. GONE. $999(33441)

Luger 9mm classic German WWI &WWII pistol. Incredible design and it's one of the first semi auto pistols. Manufactured 1898-1948 and in service till in 1970s in some countries. All matching serial numbers, G series serial, 1935 vintage. Expected wear, good and bore clean. Functions perfectly. A fantastic shooter grade for your collection. $1995(32711)


Winchester mod 94 XTR Big Bore rifle, early model chambered in powerful 375Win caliber which is a modernized version of a classic late 1800's black powder cartridge. (ammo avail!) Excellent condition from local collector, thinks purchased it here. A minor enjoyment mark on the stock. Clean bore, tight lever action. You missed it last time. $799 (52535)

Mountain Lion Mount

The mountain lion (Puma concolor) is also known as the cougar, puma, panther, and catamount, and is the largest wildcat in North America. Mountain lions have powerful limbs and can leap as high as 15 feet and as far as 40 feet. Mountain lions eat large mammals such as deer, and smaller mammals such as mice, squirrels, porcupines, raccoons, rabbits and beavers. There are an estimated 30,000 mountain lions in the western United States. One mountain lion subspecies, the Florida panther, is critically endangered with a population of less than 100 individuals. With the exception of humans, the mountain lion has the largest range of any mammal in the Western Hemisphere. They are found from Canada to Argentina. In North America, they can be found from British Columbia and southern Alberta to California and Texas. Small populations can be found east of the Mississippi River. Mountain lions are solitary animals. They are very territorial and actively avoid other cats except during mating. Their ranges can vary in size from 10 square miles to around 370 square miles. Mountain lions are active hunters and may travel long distances in search of food.    They hunt alone and attack from behind, breaking the neck of their prey by biting it at the base of the skull. After killing their prey, they will bury it and leave it, coming back to feed on it when hungry. This one was taken in Jan 1995 in Colorado and weighed 175 pounds and came in at 8’11” long. GORGEOUS. This beautiful full mount features the cat stalking on a base of grasses and will surely be the main topic of conversation no matter where it goes. Man cave? Trophy room? Gun room? Dimensions of the base are 57”L x27”W, 32” tall and the trophy is 80” head to tail. Also includes the actual mounted skull with retrieved bullet and plaque describing the specifications of the cat.           Super cool and unique.  $3250. I’m in love!

 Winchester mod 52C bolt action 22cal target rifle. 5 round mag. Manufactured from 1920-80 and for many years it was the premier smallbore match rifle. Known as the "King of the .22's," the Model 52 has been called by Field & Stream one of "the 50 best guns ever made".  Production began after the war in hopes that returning troops would continue target shooting . Designed from the ground up as an extreme target rifle. We have a model 52C ,1956 vintage, with standard stock, innovative "Micro Motion" adjustable trigger system, period correct Lyman front&rear peep sites. From the estate collection of a local Winchester enthusiast. Exceedingly well maintained, with spotless bore, gorgeous oiled stock. Old School cool. $999(53274)(52D Int'l also avail)

Winchester mod 52D International bolt action 22cal target rifle w/ period                Lyman "Unertl " type scope. Manufactured from 1920-80 and for many years                 it was the premier smallbore match rifle. Known as the "King of the .22's,"                    the Model 52 has been called by Field & Stream one of "the 50 best guns ever made".  Production began after the war in hopes that returning troops would continue target shooting . Designed from the ground up as an extreme target rifle. We have a model D single shot with International stock from the collection of a local Winchester enthusiast. 52D Internationals were made 1969-75. This is a very heavy Marksman stock stock with full pistol grip, large zero-drop buttstock, and the forearm flare extended back to the bolt handle introduced the free-floating barrel to the Model 52 line; it also featured a rail under the forearm for mounting offhand grips and other accessories.               Exceedingly well maintained, with spotless bore, oiled stock. Old School cool. $1699(53953A)(52C also avail)

Mauser-Bauer model 580(Shown above Left) 12ga side x side shotgun. Made in Italy in late 1980s. Beautiful straight English walnut stock, highly figured checkered wood, silver receiver with deep elaborate scroll engraving covering the whole receiver, lever and trigger guard. Immaculate condition, tight action and spotless bores.                         Estate piece. Don't delay. $1999(53298) 

Taurus 1911 45 cal pistol, perfect condition with 3 dot sites, full stainless steel , 5" bbl. Ready to shoot w/ box&papers. Priced to go. $449(31962)

Ruger 9E value priced 9mm semi auto pistol. Polymer frame, 3 dot site, rail system. Clean all over. Box/papers. Steal me @$269(31959)

Ithaca mod 37 Deerslayer 12ga pump action slug gun. Nicest one I've seen - sat in Grandpa's safe. Sticker still on it. Wood stock-perfect. Bluing-perfect. Bore-perfect. Bottom eject. Estate piece. Will be gone. $499(53614)

SW model 3913 slim design 9mm pistol. Stainless / alloy,single stack mags , decocker/safety. These are being appreciated again. $449(33423)

Winchester mod 50 12ga semiauto shotgun. Early recoil operated shotgun made in the late 1950's. This one decent shape, good bore, expected hunting marks.          Adjustable poly choke system w/ sling. $399(53900)

Ruger Mini 14 Ranch rifle in 223 cal. Estate piece, 2 mos old. Wood/ blue. Peep site . Do Not Buy New. $699 (53673)(2 avail)

Ruger Mini 14 Ranch 223 cal rifle. Stainless  synthetic stock , clean with scope rings and sling. Fun to shoot. Cheap to shoot. Will go fast. $729(53897) 

SW model 10PPC 38 cal 6 shot DAO revolver. Known as Police Pistol Combat,           it is a shooting sport focusing on precision shooting from a variety of stances and distances, including shooting from behind an obstacle to mimic real world situations.  Official matches are no longer restricted to police officers.                        This revolver has smooth double action pull, with heavy target barrel and red dot scope. Rubber grips and 3 speed loaders. Try something new. $749(32345)

Taurus Circuit Judge revolving rifle. Brilliant idea. Looks cool. Features 6 round swing out cylinder in either 45LC or 410ga shotgun , adjustable sites, walnut stock.    PERFECT condition. $499(53662)

Ruger Redhawk 44mag revolver. 6 shot cylinder, 7" bbl, full stainless steel w/ Pachmayer rubber grips. A beast. Rudy to go! $699(33164)

Henry Frontier 22cal leaver action rifle. 20" Octagonal barrel with smooooth lever action that I love so much. Beautiful straight walnut stock, tube mag.                              Spotless all over. Estate piece. $329(53680)

Savage model 99B Take Down version lever action rifle in 3030 cal.                             All original condition , top load with internal round counter, factory sites ad butt plate. Made 1920-34. Expected wear overall. Good wood, receiver worn from enjoyment. Estate sale. Neat piece. $749(53972)

Mossberg SA20 tactical home defense shotgun. 7 round capacity, 20ga/18" bbl,          All black synthetic straight stock, peep site/Hi Viz, Tri rail and top rail system.        Unfired and ready to go. SAVE $375(53666)

CZ model 452 22 cal target rifle. Accurate, good looking and great value rifles.      Factory adjustable sites, great trigger and ready to plink. $329(53674) 

Howa model 1500 action rifle in 223 cal. Great shooters, accurate, fun to shoot.      Black synthetic cheeckpiece stock. $449(53667) 

Ruger model 77/357 , 357 mag bolt action rifle. Zero kick, fun to shoot. Stainless SS steel synthetic stock, factory flip up sites. Spotless condition. Super cool. Been a while since I've seen one. Estate sale. Will be gone. You missed it last time! $699(53684)

Rossi M92 lever action rifle in 357 mag. Wood stock with stainless  steel receiver and barrel. Crescent butt pad and factory sites. Fun to shoot with a vintage look.         Excellent all over, ready to roll. $379(53926)

Mossberg Silver Reserve 410 ga over/under shotgun. Light as a feather, scroll engraving, appears unfired. Closes tight and functions perfectly. Wood and bluing like new. Hurry@$399 (53681)

CZ 550 Full Stock 3006 cal rifle. Features a classic Bavarian-style Mannlicher stock with safety which allows you to load/ unload the rifle while it is on ‘safe’.  Classically beautiful rifle with sling swivels and soft pad. Minor enjoyment marks on stock. $799(53665)

Ruger MK III  22 cal target pistol , SS heavy target barrel , RH target grips.             Super clean , estate sale. $299( 33433)

SW 63-6 Kit Gun 22cal revolver , 3" bbl , 8 round cylinder , Hi Viz front/ adjustable rear site. Well balanced with no recoil. $519(33428)

Bond Arms Derringer 45ACP , 2.5" bbl, with  textured frame and bead-blasted anti-glare barrel. Bond Arms feature rebounding hammers(patented design where hammer automatically jumps back into 1/2 cock position ), safety, wide hammer and spring loaded locking lever so barrel pop open quickly. Finest Derringers out there.            Made in Texas. $375(33431)

Walther PPK/S stainless steel 380 cal pistol. Interarms marked, slim design. Safety/ decocker. Wood grips. Super duper clean. $419(33427)

Taurus Judge 2" revolver chambered in  45LC/410ga.   Polymer  Public Defender version, 5 shot , lightweight , recoil absorbing grips and Hi Viz sites.                         Great reviews, versatile . MINT estate piece. $299(33429)

SW 24-3 44mag blued revolver. Limited manufacture Lew Horton edition , blued, white outline/ red ramp, SW wood finger groove grips. Heavy N frame revolver.                    Well maintained from original owner. Box got tossed. No lock.                                Getting more difficult to locate. Will be gone. $1199(33432)

SW model 67-1 Combat Masterpiece, stainless steel 38 cal, 6 shot revolver. Spectacular safe queen. Pristine bore, sharp SW wooden grips, adjustable sites.       You will be the second owner of this. Don't let it get away. $749(33430)

Hk USP40 40cal , midsize pistol. LNIB condition from original owner.                     Variant 1 (for RH shooter) decocker/safety ,3 -10 round mags w/ box and holster.    $695 (33371) 

SW mod 28 Highway Patrolman 357 mag 6 shot revolver. Blued finish , AS, rubber grips. No dash. 1960 vintage. Clean. Getting more difficult to locate. $595 (33165)

Winchester model 94 in 32cal. Time warp piece from 1950. Immaculate condition, spotless bore, good wood. Classic Americana. $699(52688)

SW Mod 41. Classic 22cal target pistol. 7 ½” barrel, adjustable sites, deep blue finish, walnut grips. Has same grip angle as a 1911 to maintain consistency in practice.       This one immaculate form original owner. Features box& 2mags.                      Impossible to get right now. $1289(33367)

Savage mod 110 bolt action precision rifle in incredible 338 Lapua caliber.                  The caliber was developed during the 1980s as a high-powered, long-range cartridge for military snipers and holds the distinction for the longest confirmed shot taken in combat at 2700 yards. Due to its accuracy and ballistics the 338 Lapua it is increasingly used by sportsman and civilian long-range shooting enthusiasts. This model 110 has 28" fluted barrel for heat dissipation with muzzlebrake for recoil, Savage's famous Accutrigger, top rail and oversized bolt, HS Precision stock.                                         Let Ghost teach you how to use the rifle's capability. Pristine condition, range tested only.  Complete with box/papers. Raring to go! $1199 (53730)

SW Bodyguard 380 cal , compact, SS slide, w/ safety . $299(32900)
Walther PPS super slim polymer 9mm pistol ,6 rnd mags, ambi mag release.            Mint from original owner. Complete with box/papers/ 2 mags. All there! $339(33068)

Colt Mustang Pocketlite 380 cal pistol. Lightweight alloy frame, SS finish, 6 rnd mag, single action trigger pull. $399(33090)

Ruger American compact 9mm.  3.5” Barrel Comes with box, papers and 2- 10 round magazines.  This one 
will move quickly.  $375 (31546)

Remington 700 5R Tactical 308 cal rifle. Super accurate and strong actions with new 5R rifling for increased accuracy, barrel life plus other advantages.                          Green stock with 24" heavy SS barrel, oversized handle and removable cheek rest.                            Reach out and touch something. $999(51781)
Savage model 111 3006 cal bolt action rifle, black synthetic stock with soft recoil pad and scope rings. Features Savage's famous Accutrigger system with detachable mag. excellent all over- just add scope. $ 375(52183)

Ruger New Model Super Blackhawk 44 mag revolver. Tons of knockdown.       Stainless steel with 8" bbl, recoil absorbing rubber grips, adjustable sites.

Priced to shoot. 1983 vintage from original owner and ready for the woods. $575(32060)

Colt Army Special in 32-20 caliber revolver. In 1908 Colt introduced a new medium frame revolver to replace the New Army & Navy models for the military. It was designed for more powerful ammo like 38 special and it was an immediate hit with police departments throughout the country.  In 1927, since the Army had never bought it but many police departments had, Colt simply changed the name to the Official Police and continued making it until 1969 virtually unchanged.  This one is a 1919 vintage revolver, holster wear at the muzzle, Colt plastic grips, tight lock up and clean bore. Appears all original. Cool collectable. $449(33442) 

M1 Carbine, Universal manufacture. Classic battle rifle from WWII to Korea chambered in 30 Caliber Carbine. M1 Carbine. Universal is known for its longest production run and making the largest quantities of M1 Carbines over a 25 year span ending in 1986. This is a second generation version, each making minor improvements going forward.   Good stock, no bayo lug, with peep site and 10 round mag. All original estate piece. Functions fine, clean bore, stock great overall. $649(53837)

Remington 700 stainless steel/ synthetic in potent 300 Rem Ultra Mag caliber. 300 RUM is one of the largest commercially available .30 caliber magnums currently being produced. It is capable of handling all large North American game, as well as long-range shooting. Three power levels of ammo allow you to adjust for your game or conditions from 3006 caliber ballistics up to ballistics attaining 3450fps. Excellent condition rifle with clean bore, from original owner. $399(53128)

Weatherby Vanguard 300  Wby  NIB, won at Friends of NRA Dinner . Stickers still attached, never used. Grey synthetic stock, blued barrel. All there. $499(51901)
USFA SAA 45LC NIB, 5.5" bbl , factory engraved frame and barrel with deep deep blue finish, simulated Ivory grips . These were manufactured in Colt's old factory. 

NIB just like she left the factory. Estate sale. Spectacular and ready for a new home.  $3250(32371)
USFA SAA 45LC 7.5" bbl, factory engraved in NIB condition. Deep blue finish with walnut grips, classic good looks. Estate piece. She's beautiful. $2495 (32372)

Mossberg 590A1 12ga pump action home protection shotgun. 18" bbl, ghost ring sites, top safety, Tri rail system, Typhoon blue& gray camo. Excellent condition. SAVE $399(53723)   

Marlin mod 336RC  lever action rifle in 3030 caliber. All original time warp piece.       1952 manufacture, waffle top hatching on receiver, never  scoped, JM  barrel stamp. Exceptionally well maintained. Scuff on stock, great bluing and functions fine. Estate sale. Cool old collectable. $699(53612) 

Kel Tec  P3AT with full flat dark earth finish.  Great pocket gun in .380 ACP              $249 (30661)

SW mod 38 Airweight hammerless 38 cal revolver. A classic design, lightweight aluminum frame, 5 shot, SW wood grips, bright blue finish. Early 1970's J prefix serial number. Super clean and functions perfectly. Highly collectable. $795(26223)

Springfield XD45 compact 45 cal pistol  with factory nite sites. Features grip safety, Trijicon NS, 4" bbl, rail system, LNIB from original owner with gear kit, holster/ mag pouch. SAVE$529(32056)

SW Victory 38cal WWII revolver. Used in lend-lease program to our Allied countries during WWII and letter V in the serial number presents Victory over the Axis.             They were made in several barrel lengths and this one most certainly a 2" right out of the factory. Period nickel finish after the war, all matching serial numbers with stag grips.   P proof-mark. $599(31037)

Mossberg 500 pump action shotgun. 12ga 28" with adjustable poly choke system old gun. Well enjoyed, but clean. A great workhorse. $139(53895)

Henry Mini Bolt 22 cal Youth bolt action rifle. Official Youth gun o\f the US Olympic Shooting Team. Get the kids involved, now more than ever. NIB condition. Single shot operation so easy to supervise. Scaled down to youth size. Ready to go!                  Box& papers. $189(53739) 

Sporterized Mauser 8mm rifle. Cheeckpiece walnut stock with 4-12 power scope. Fully functioning. Great value@ $299(53715)


Colt Snake Pit

Python 357 mag with original box. Gorgeous deep Royal Blue finish, 4" barrel, Colt gold medallion grips, K prefix serial number, 1980 vintage. Estate piece from collector.                       I'm in love. $3395(32706)
Python 357 mag revolver, blued 4" bbl,  adj sites, target trigger, vintage 1981 with  K serial number. Known for their butta smooth action. No box, shooter grade. $2399 (32680)

 SW M&P Series

 MP9 9mm pistol, 4" bbl, MINT all over with box and papers. Purchased here originally.            Priced to shoot@$339(33290)

M&P 9C 9mm compact pistol. Purchased here new and mint all over. Reliable, 3" bbl, w/ 2-10 rnd mags, grips, box&papers. Ready to go. $319(33067)

             MP Shield 9mm pistol compact. Excellent condition from original owner. Features Talon grip (feels great on your hands) 2 mags and Nite sites. $299(33096)

MP 40 Shield, single stack slim 40 cal pistol. W/ box. Ready to roll@ $259(32898) 

MP Shield 9mm slim compact pistol, LNIB , 3" bbl, standard trigger, purchased here. Box/papers.       SAVE $339(32634)

Shield 9mm pistol like new complete with hi viz sites, 2 mags/box/papers. $339(32548) 

M&P45 with 4.5” Barrel 45ACP comes complete with box, paper, and 2 magazines. 

$379 (31458)

M&P9 Pro series 9mm.  Comes with box, papers and 2 10round mags. Great shooter and very popular this won’t
 last long! $469 (30392)

M&P 45, FDE frame, 45 caliber, super clean from original owner, 4 mags with box/papers.  $469(31655)

MP40, LNIB estate piece. 40 caliber pistol, 4" bbl, interchangeable back straps, rail. Great feeling guns. Box/papers.
 Super value. Hurry. $339(32481)

MP9 LNIB estate piece. 9mm caliber, 4" bbl, interchangeable back straps, rail. Box/papers. Purchased here new- Paul's card still in box. Great deal. $339(32483)

M&P Shield in 40 caliber.  Single stack with LE trigger. Perfect carry gun.  Comes with 2 magazines, box and papers.  $269 (30027)

 Colt SAA 45LC Gen 1 revolver, 1902 vintage. By this time Colt was transitioning away from blackpowder and into modern cartridges. There were several physical differences, stronger modifications and other improvements on the SAA that helped to usher in what is considered the modern era of firearms. Consequently sales boomed to the highest in Colt's history for the next 10 years but without any impact on quality. Many collectors feel that the quality and fitting during this era is superior.  This shooter grade SAA is all matching in classic 45LC caliber with 5.5" bbl and blued finish with wood grips.        Great patina overall with visible wear on cylinder and barrel, functions perfectly,         tight action and clean bore. Well maintained so enjoy and shoot to your heart's content.          History in your hands. Includes Colt Archive letter. $1699(31036)

Winchester Model 64 in 30 WCF.  Mfg in 1950.  Nicest one around.  Get it quick before it’s gone.  $1795 (42416)

Uberti Russian TopBreak. The years following the Civil War were difficult times for the American gun industry, except when Russia ordered a significant number of SW No3 revolvers. These revolvers were popular with cavalrymen for their top open design which made ejecting and reloading easy, especially on the fly or while on horseback. Russians wanted them made to their own specs including a new caliber, trigger guard spur and hump on the grip frame. SW made over 131,000 of them before Russia decided they were too expensive and started making copies of them on their own. This Uberti replica in common 45LC caliber with deep blue finish, walnut grips, adjustable site and lanyard loop. Complete with box& papers. $849(33346)

SW mod 19-3 Combat Magnum revolver in 357mag caliber. 6" blued bbl,                       6 shot capacity, SW wood grips, white outline adj rear site.                                         Immaculate condition from original owner.  $699(21856)

Colt 1911 Series 80 45 cal pistol. Blued finish, stag grips, Government size 5” bbl with target sites. Super clean and ready to go. $799(31038)
High Standard Derringer DM101 in 22mag caliber. Later third style marked E Hartford in matte electro-less nickel finish. Neat design from original owner.  $399 (31337)

Savage Mod 3 3006 bolt action rifle. Workhorse hunting rifle.  Blind mag, Bushnell scope. Well enjoyed, ready for next adventure. $199(53899)

Mossberg mod 88 12ga pump action shotgun. Synthetic stock, 28" choked barrel. Excellent condition. Ready to get dirty. $169(53804) 

Mossberg mod 930 12ga Tacticool shotgun. Home protection version with 18" barrel, full mag tube and top rail system with adjustable Ghost ring sites. Purchased here new. Sparkling all over. $519(53792)

Ruger M77 MKII  bolt action rifle in potent 300WM caliber. Wood/ blue, 3 position safety, ported barrel helps recoil reduction, sling. Ready for the woods. $499(53898)

Colt SAA 32WCF an American Classic. 1st Generation SAA made in 1907.            Good patina with barrel wear, functions perfectly, Colt original black grips, 5" bbl.

Estate sale, a great addition to your collection.  $2599(30463)

Ruger Security Six 357 mag, stainless steel finish, 6" bbl , adjustable sites,

Ruger medallion slim walnut grips. Super duper clean. $649(33201)

Winchester mod 12 pump action shotgun, earliest pump action internal hammer shotguns produced. A John Browning design, manufactured in 1941.

The model 12 came in various configurations and had hand fitted internals beginning in 1912.  It was discontinued in 1964 after it became too costly to produce along with new competition from the Remington 870. 12ga 28" bbbl, choked Full. Expected wear, well used and well maintained barn find. These are classics from your youth. $499(52875)
Kahr PM 45 .45 acp with night sights.  Comes with 1 magazine $599 (30400)

Mossberg 835 12ga pump action shotgun . Waterfowl gun in Max4 Camo , 3 1/2" chamber w/ 28" bbl. Excellent condition from original owner. Geese beware. $399(53946)

Winchester model 71 in .348 win.  Made in 1949.  Comes with scope.  $2395 (35796)

Mossberg 500 12ga 18" pump action home defense shotgun.  7 shots with pistol grip and sliding stock. All ready to go at $419(52659)

Sig Sauer model GSR 1911 with carry melt.  2-tone finish in .45acp.  4” barrel with night sights.  Comes with box and papers. $799 (23185)

HK USP 40cal, full size pistol. Variant 1, RH/Decocker/Safety, with acces rail, Tru Dot sites, clean, clean, clean. $599(31476)

SW mod 60 engraved. The classic 5 shot 2" SS revolver tastefully engraved.          Older gold inlays, SW grips. Unique. $749(26819)

Sig Sauer P229 in 40 excellent condition, complete with box, papers.

From original owner. Ready to go! $575(25980)

Colt 1911 Gold Cup National Match 5” barrel full size gun.  Deep blue finish/Wood grips, crisp target trigger. 1975 vintage, excellent condition.                                           Hit the range!  $1149 (23978)

Colt SAA Bisley 45LC , 1907 vintage, gorgeous patina with even wear , 5" bbl,           Colt plastic grips . Very nice gun in original condition. Don't delay. $1949 (30460)
Marlin mod 27S pump action rifle. Rare gun takedown version made in early 1900's chambered in 25-20 caliber. 24" full octagonal barrel, straight stock with safety.

Clean bore, great wood and good patina. Low 4 digit serial number.

Great American Classic. $999(47873)

Winchester mod 64 level action rifle in 32WS caliber (similar ballistics to 3030)

Made 1949 from old salt hunter.  Non checkered walnut stock and original steel checkered butt plate. Clean 24" bbl with 2/3 tube mag. Features Redfield period peep site with original hood front site and sling. Kick it old school. $1195(48220)

Kimber Gold Match II 1911 45 cal pistol. Perfect bright bluing, Rosewood grips, target trigger and sites. Known for their accuracy. Mint condition, from original owner.

Do not buy new! $949 (25852)

Marlin Mod 5510 Supergoose gun,  bolt action 10ga shotgun with 36" bbl .

A beast! Made 1976-85.  Really good condition, clean bore and well maintained .

 Wood/ blued w/ sling. For when you want to bring the big guns! $299(53890)

Ithaca mod 37 3T Featherlite 12ga 30" pump action classic shotgun. Choked Full, bottom eject (great for lefties!) Clean, smooth action, minor scrapes and scratches.       $ 475( 53903)

Winchester mod  70 3006 Bolt action rifle. Estate piece .  Wood /blue, with peep sites  and sling. Clean bore,  fully functioning , 1952 manufacture. $439(53893)

Iver Johnson  model Champion 11GB 16ga break open single shot shotgun.

Nice and clean for its age. Easy to operate. $125(53892)

Sig Sauer P229 in 40SW, black finish, decocker. Known for their accuracy and dependability. $569(23491) 

Remington 1187 Premier Trap 12ga 30" semi auto shotgun. Oiled finish stock                ( has slight gouge) hi rib stock with choke. Super smooth and soft shooting.

Excellent overall. $649(52654)
Browning ABolt Medallion bolt action rifle in 7mm mag cal. Pristine condition from original owner. High grade wood protected by form fitted zip up gun sleeve, mounted Weaver 3-9 scope, scroll engraving on receiver with sling. Inc hardcase and spare mag. Ready to hunt. Just add ammo. $795(53155)  

Ruger Bearcat 22cal revolver. 6 shot, 4” bbl. Great plinkers. $399 (31938)
Springfield Armory XDs 45cal pistol, compact 3" bbl version. Clean all over, 3 mags, grip safety. Great value
 @ $349(32533)
Sig Sauer Nightmare 1911 45cal pistol. Features a stainless steel frame with rounded grip and mainspring housing,
 match grade barrel, hammer/sear set and trigger. All black Nitron finish coated, blacked out G20 grips with stainless
 steel controls on frame, trigger and slide. Gorgeous condition, accurate, dependable. Perfect with box/ papers/ 2
 mags. Ready to roll. $749 (33315)

Winchester mod 12 pump action shotgun. Known for their hand fitted internals and, it largely set the standard for pump action shotguns. Manufactured from 1912-64 it was popular with shotgunners being dependable and rugged and reliable enough to be used in WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam. This one is the Trap version with rare plain 30" bbl and choked Full. Getting more difficult to locate. $749(53945A)

Winchester mod 12 pump action shotgun. Known for their hand fitted internals and, it largely set the standard for pump action shotguns. Manufactured from 1912-64 it was popular with shotgunners being dependable and rugged and reliable enough to be used in WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam. This one is the Trap version with 28" Vent rib ported bbl and choked Full. Well enjoyed. $649(53947A)

Savage MKI 22 cal bolt action single shot target rifle . Features Williams peep site w/ leather sling. Ready for the range. Tale a kid shooting. Just add ammo. $199(53671) 

Stoeger Coachgun 12 ga side x side shotgun. 20" bbl, w/ chokes , single trigger . Wood/ blued with polished nickel receiver. Mint, estate sale. Jason's in love!

$399( 53675)

Taurus Thunderbolt in 357 pump action rifle. Modern version of the famous Colt Lightning pump action rifles made 1884-1904. Gorgeous walnut stock with crescent butt plate and CCB receiver, full tube mag. Estate sale , purchased here new. $479(53678)

Saiga rifle  in 762x39 cal. All original. Hot hot hot! Synthetic stock, elevator sites,

10 rnd. Fun to shoot and getting harder to find. $849 (53934) 

Winchester 1886 4570 Extra Light Version, limited to 3500 in 1990. $1949(41938)

Beretta PX4 Storm 9mm pistol. Full size version , mint with box and papers. 3 dot sites, ambi safety/decocker, accessory rail. These feel good and shoot even better. $449(32211)

Ruger 44 Carbine semi auto rifle. Very early 1964 vintage. You will be the second owner! Peep sites,  sling, butt pad , wood has numerous enjoyment marks.

Functions fine. These go fast! You missed it all those other times. $775(53897)

SKB mod 385 12ga side by side shotgun in pristine condition from original owner.

Gloss walnut straight stock, 28" bbls,  , wide beavertail forearm, silver receiver w/ scroll engraving. Made 1998-04. Complete w/ 5 chokes, box&papers.

Great value. $1549(53292)  

Marlin mod 25 22 cal bolt action rifle. Includes 1 mag, period scope, and  sling.

Hit the range , weather is getting mince. Take a kid shooting! $99(53894)

Ruger LCP II 380 cal slim carry pistol. 1 mag, finger ext. A no brainer. $229(33094)

Remington 7400 semi auto 3006 cal rifle, Classic hunting rifle, wood / blue.           Clean bore , factory sites. Jordan's in love! $449(53022)

Springfield Armory XDS 9mm compact 3" bbl pistol. Talon grips for a tacky feel,

2 mags. Great shape. Will be gone. $349(33095)

SW Bodyguard 380 cal MINT with factory laser, box/papers, 4 mags. Super compact. Ready to go! $329(33087)




Sharps -Borchardt mod 1878 Military falling block rifle in 45-70 caliber. Ol' Reliable.  Admired for their accuracy and strength: reputed to be the strongest action ever made in the 20th century. A single-shot hammerless design by Hugo Borchardt in 1877 has a firing mechanism that uses a hammerless striker rather than a hammer and firing pin like the old Sharps Rifle. Revolutionary for the period. It was the last of the Sharps single-shot rifles, and came at the very end of the bison hunting era. That timing, along with increasing competition from newer bolt and lever action rifles caused sales to decline and eventually the factory closed in 1880. The Military version here is one of approx only 9000 examples made 1878-80.  Very well cared by long time collector.         Replacement rear site, screws not buggered, with rod, stock is fantastic with great patina, clean bore and tight closing action. Great piece of Americana. $3495(51364)

SW Mod 325 Thunder Ranch 45ACP pistol . Lightweight scandium frame, matte black finsh, adjustable sites w/ accessory rail, super crisp enhanced trigger and action.       Mint all over from original owner. SAVE $949(33365)




G26 9mm compact pistol, Gen3, 2mags. Clean clean clean, clean. $399(32907)

G26 9mm compact pistol Gen3, 1 mag w/ finger ext. Well taken care of. $375(32908)

G26 9mm NIB, beautiful two tone, 2 mags. All there. $475(30900)
G27 Battlefield Green 40cal Gen4. Spotless inside, just broken in. Orig owner, box/papers. Unique color. Ready 
to go! $499(32753)
G29 Gen 2 incl Glock old school Tupperware box, subcompact 10mm. 4 mags. $499(32892)
G30SF 45cal pistol  MINT MINT MINT w/ Lasermaxx internal laser, spare Lone Wolf drop in 45ACP bbl , box. Great
package. Price Improved $539(26806)
G34 9mm target pistol, 5.5 bbl same as 1911, AS, cut out slide, black finish. Great target pistols. Box/papers.


Para LDA 45 cal double action pistol in LNIB condition. Purchased here originally. Compact steel design, 10 rounds
 45 cal, DAO with bobbed snag free hammer , 
grip safety, 3 dot sites. Getting harder to locate. None finer. $799(31471)

Ruger No.1 with 24” Heavy Barrel in 22-250.  Comes with Bushnell Banner 4-12 power scope.  No Longer mfg.  $1499 (51310)

SW model 642-2 5 shot revolver, hammerless design with SW rosewood grips. Box&papers. Mint. $419(31967)

SW model 1000 20ga semi auto shotgun. Great overall from original owner.             Light as a feather, scroll engraving on receiver, clean bore 28" VR barrel, choked Full.             Break some clays! $449(51544)

Cimarron SAA 38 caliber revolver. Classically beautiful revolver, deep blued finish       w/ CCB frame, smooth walnut
 grip. These are made to shoot all day. 4.5" bbl            from original owner, box/papers. Raring to go! $449(32476)

Sako III Varmint stainless steel in 22-250, laminate stock, in perfect overall condition with scope rings. Super accurate with free floating 24” heavy varmint bbl. and adj trigger. Watch out critters! $1475(53017)          

Remington 870 12ga 2 bbl combo.  Includes 28" VR bird barrel plus 18" smooth bore rifled sites slug barrel. Clean overall with expected nicks and scuffs.                       Perfect functioning. $299(52354)

SW 645 steel frame, slim single stack 8 round 45 cal pistol.  Two tone finish, ambi safety/ decocker, combat style sites. Made 1985-88 and was THE gun of that era. Complete with box, 2 mags from original owner. Estate piece. $ 549(30644)

Browning model 12 pump action shotgun. Repro of the famous Winchester 12 with design improvements. This 28ga 
Grade V high grade is amazing. From estate of local Browning collector. Purchased here originally in 1991 and was 
never even assembled! Spectacular AAA Grade highly figured & polished walnut stock. Elaborate game scenes
 highlighted in gold featuring flushing dogs and waterfowl in flight. None finer.              You missed it last time..... 
Benelli Executive Grade III. Rare and exclusive shotgun from Benelli's in house 

World Class Series. Top of the line Grade III features amazing exhibition grade wood, hand engraving with highlighted gold game scene, hand checkered, chrome bolt and 2 piece receiver. NIB estate sale.                                                                                  Priced Reduced-Now $7999(43544)

Taurus PT1911 45 cal pistol. Stainless steel finish with plastic grips, adjustable dot sites, ambi safety. Excellent condition. Great value-$599(30851)
SW mod 36 in 38 cal , rare 3" nickel finish gun. From estate of original owner.

Some wear, original wood grips, mechanically perfect with tight action and lock up. $649(25106)
Cimarron Arms Cattlemen SAA revolver in classic 45LC caliber, 4.5" bbl with optional Charcoal blue finish or barrel,
 cylinder and frame( a brighter blue finish that takes on a grey finish over time) CCB frame and wood grips. Beautiful
 revolver. $499(32123)
H&K P2000SK 9mm.  H&K’s famous LEM trigger. Sub- compact 3.5” Barrel.        Comes with 2- 10 round magazines
 $649 (22793)
S&W 27-9 in .357 Magnum.  4" Barrel with original box and papers. $775 (30978)

SW 64-3 38 cal 6 shot 4" heavy bbl, stainless steel revolver. Pre-lock version, Pachmayer grips. From original owner. Expected wear and functions perfectly. $399(33099) 

Remington model  514 22 cal bolt action rifle. Sat in closet. Made 1955. All there.    Take a kid shooting! $149(52940)

Remington 700 CDL Classic Deluxe bolt action rifle chambered in most popular 3006 caliber with scope rings,  cheeckpiece walnut checkered stock, oversized bolt handle for more positive grip and Supercell gel recoil pad. Adjustable trigger with hinged floorplate Spotless bore, few minor enjoyment marks on wood. Gorgeous. $699(53012

Sako A7 308 cal bolt action rifle. Stainless steel finish, lightweight synthetic stock, tacky finish for enhanced grip and control, detachable mag. Known for extreme accuracy and reliability. Finland's finest. MINT $999(53187) 

Ruger Security Six early Stainless steel 357 mag, 4" bbl version. Adjustable sites, rubber grips. Ruger's first double action revolver.  Perfect functioning, clean, tight action. These are popular. $499(33163)


Smith and Wesson 28-2 in .357 magnum 4" Barrel and original box. $799 (30989)

Remington 700 bolt action in potent 7mm mag caliber. Checkered Wood cheeckpiece stock, / blued finish w/ scope rings and sling. Factory sites. Clean bore, strong action, minor scuffs. Great value@ $499(52365)

Browning Buckmark Pro Target 5.5 22 cal target pistol in LNIB condition. Features round barrel, full rail w/ 
adjustable target sites. With box and papers. Do Not Buy New. $399(31472)                                                                                 
Winchester mod 69A bolt action 22 cal target rifle. Introduced as mid-range plinker rifle in 1935 as mod 69.
The 69A improved on the safety and barrel contour and also allowed shooter a small degree of trigger adjustment. 
Rare grooved receiver version. Expected wear with clear bore. Factory sites, sling swivels and mag.
Cool.  $349(47334)
Winchester model 1200 pump action shotgun. Safe queen in immaculate condition. 

30" bbl choked Full. Shiny bore and insides, great wood. $295(49863)
Savage 93R17 bolt action rifle in screaming 17HMR caliber. Basically a 22 mag necked down to 17cal, but superior to both the 22mag and 22 LR calibers with extremely flat trajectory, faster ballistics, great take down power for game and less chance of ricochets. This all black synthetic with famous Accutrigger system, mounted with BSA Sweet17 3-12 scope. Sticker still attached. Just add ammo- ready to go. $449 (53120)

Kimber Pro Carry HD II 45 cal 1911 pistol.  Matte stainless finish, G10 grips, 4" bbl, large beavertail. Super accurate guns. This one is mint and ready to go. $729(31237)

Colt 1911 Gold Cup National Match  45 cal target pistol Series 80 made 1985.        Blued finish, wide adjustable trigger, adjustable target sites. A classic pistol known for their accuracy. 1 mag. Estate sale and ready to hit the range again. $899(31140)

Weatherby Vanguard bolt action rifle in screaming 257 Wby Mag caliber.                  
 Flat shooting round with great ballistics for medium game (whitetail/ pronghorn)            
  or small predators (bobcat/ coyote) and is known to be Roy's favorite caliber.                      
  Tan / black spider webbing synthetic stock. Tacky finish ensures grip with blued finish and scope bases. Clean bore, 
see Paul to scope it.                                                   Never hunted with, range use only from original owner. SAVE
HK USP 9mm. Full size , most popular Variant 1 , RH safety/DA-SA w/ decocker.      Low ro
und count. Great shooters! $619(31440)
Sig Sauer P229 40, blued finish, mid-size. Bought it here. Good overall. With box/ paper, 2 mags. Sig's To Hell And 
Back reliability. $499 (25980)

Winchester model 88 lever action 308 cal rifle. Great gun, original flip up sites and mag Clean bore, bright bluing and good wood. Never scoped.  Made 1958. $799(46446)
Colt SAA Gen 1 made at the tail end of that first era in July 1937. Deep CCB receiver still sharp and deep, Colt plastic grips, gun chambered in rarer 32WCF with 5.5" bbl.  Gorgeous overall including slight wear at end of barrel. Classic Americana and only appreciating. Colt info letter included. $2995(31142)

SW mod 10 PPC revolver. 38 cal upgraded to PPC shooting (police pistol competition) the forerunner to practical shooting, PPC was designed for police to practice and compete in shooting from a variety of positions and distances using revolvers.          This gun features super heavy bull barrel, with super crisp trigger and period redo dot scope with DAO action. Tight lockup and no cylinder shake with minor blemish on the barrel. Ready to shoot. $699(32345)                                                                                                                              

Ruger Blackhawk single action 45LC revolver, blued/wood, 5" bbl , adjustable sites. Priced to move. Price Improved. $399(25265)

Remington 870 Express 12ga pump action shotgun. wood/ blued 28" bbl, 3" mag chamber. All there- ready to roll. $299(53192) 

Mossberg model 144 LSB .22LR with hand stop and target sights.  $349 (38085)

Sabatti model 92 Deluxe double rifle in potent 470 NE dangerous game. Gorgeous Italian made rifles. Unfired estate specimen from original owner. Trip never materialized. Don't let this happen to you. Incredible rifle features pistol-grip stock with cheekpiece and upgraded walnut,  beavertail forend, ejectors,  express sights on quarter rib with one standing leaf and two folding leaves, ramp-style front sight with brass bead, silver-finished receiver with bold scroll engraving, double triggers, carved fences and a sculpted toplever, super soft recoil pad. Fitted hardcase. BEAUTIFUL.                          *** Price Adjusted. Now $5999(50354)

SW mod 360MP 5 shot 357mag revolver. Purchased here new. Pre-estate sale.

Did he even shoot it?? Box/papers. SAVE!, $595(33295)

Benelli Nova H2O 12ga marine shotgun. Electroless nickel finish especially for marine environments. 18" bbl , perfect all over. Ready for boating season. $489(53722) 

Winchester 94 3030cal lever action rifle. 1972 mfr , a classic. Stock has some enjoyment marks, good bluing and bore. $399(53611)

Ruger Single Nine (9 shot) single action revolver. Stainless steel/ wood, 6"  bbl chambered  in 22 mag caliber with Hi Viz sites. Target or hunt. $449(30658)

SW Bodyguard 38 cal revolver. Features factory installed laser site, ultralight weight alloy frame, hammerless design, 2" bbl, 5 shots, super reliable.  

Ultimate concealed carry and deterrent. $399(32987)

Savage Model 110 ADL .270 Win. Blued receiver with black synthetic stock.  “Great Starter” $289 (38478)

Stevens mod 311 12ga Side by Side shotgun. Clean bores, tight action, 
double triggers , 3" mag chamber with 28" barrel choked M/IM.  Fully functioning with some
 road rash on outside of barrels and nicks the the stock. 
A workhorse. $349(52724)
SW 1911TA E Series , 45 cal pistol , black finish on stainless frame, tax rail system , enhanced textured grips, open
 magwell, 3 dot adjustable sites. Accurate in a classic design. MINT condition, box/papers from original owner. SAVE 
Kimber Gold Combat II 1911 45 cal pistol from Custom Shop. Features 5" bbl, with steel frame, matte black finish,
Tritium night sights, beautiful Micarta grips and match trigger. Purchased here new, complete with box and papers
 plus a spare mag. 
99% and ready to enjoy and save! $1189(24827)*

Ruger Blackhawk engraved 357 cal revolver. Gorgeous, NIB condition deep blue finish with gold scroll engraving, brass frame with faux ivory grips. $1495(32370)
Blaser R93 Luxus 2 barrel package.  Perfect condition with high grade wood with African game scenes on the receiver. Ingenious straight pull action allows for           swift follow up shots, ability to change barrels for each caliber. Package includes               fluted 243 and 7mm bbls both with Blaser rings in fitted Blaser aluminum hard case. Price Adjustment Now: $8399 (45002)

Ruger LCP II compact 380 cal pistol. STOP. Do not buy new. This one is perfect with Desantis leather ISP holster,

box/ papers, 2 mags.  $249(33024) 

Savage mod 110 3006 bolt action rifle. Complete package- ready to go. Mounted with Simmons 3-9 scope and sling. Mint condition, clean bore. Ready to you. $349(53088)

Para Ordnance P10 .45ACP.  Box, papers and 3 mags. Look no further.  $429 (23029)

Colt model 1849 Pocket revolver, 31 caliber.  Colt's most popular percussion revolver and was popular with
 soldiers during the war as well as the home-front. All matching serial numbers on frame, trigger guard and even
 cylinder! New York address on barrel, faint Stagecoach Holdup scene on cylinder. Action is tight, grips and bore are
 good.      6 shot with 4" bbl.  Includes Colt Archive Letter stating gun was shipped to Kittredge&Co in Cincinnati, OH 
in Oct 1862. Kittredge&Co was a prominent firearms dealer during the Civil War and became the biggest distributors
 of Colt firearms in the 1870s.        Amazing piece of American history. This gives me the chills. $1599(30718)

AR/MSR 223cal Anderson lower, Camo receiver w/ Thordsen stock, full length rail. Clean internals. 

Mossberg 500 20ga 26" pump action shotgun. Mossy Oak Camo . Perfect condition. Take a kid hunting! Look like a turkey hunting special to me. Priced to hunt@ $299(53948A) 

Ruger MK II Target 22 cal target pistol. Features 7" heavy bull barrel with adjustable target sites and target grips. 
Super accurate.  Excellent condition and ready for the range. $395(32121)

Beretta Neos 22LR semi auto. Great target pistol, full rail, 2 -10 rnd mags.                  Hit the range. $199(33106)

Winchester mod 70 Featherweight 3006 bolt action rifle. Spotless all over, checkered wood, clean bore, soft recoil pad. Complete with box and papers from original owner. Ready for your next adventure. $ 599(52979)

Winchester model 94 lever action rifle in 3030 caliber. Some staining on receiver , decent wood, Williams peep site, good bore and functions fine. 1965 vintage. $299(53902)

Colt Officers Model Special , Fourth issue.The Officer's Model Special was Colt's first upgrade post-war. Colt began assigning letter codes to frame sizes and  the medium frame was an "E".The Officer's Model Special was made only from 1949 to 1952. It featured an extra heavy bull barrel and the Coltmaster fully adjustable rear sight unique to this revolver, new style hammer , and brown "Coltwood" plastic grips. Blued finish in exceptional condition. 1951 vintage. $1049(33348)

Pedersoli black powder 50cal  Remington rolling block  style rifle . Wood/ blued with , adjustable sites and ram rod. Uses 209 primers. Accurate, dependable. Take it up a notch this season. These are well made and this one is perfection. $599( 53683)

Benelli Nova 12ga 18" home defense pump action shotgun. Perfect with sites and +2 mag tube. Super reliable and super value! $295(530650) Will be gone! 

Winchester 101 Over/under shotgun.  12 gauge 26” barrels.  Choked M/IC Go break some clays! $1549 (42418)

SW 627 PC 8 shot 357 mag revolver, 5” bbl, all matte stainless steel finish, rubber grips, Adjustable sites, SW Performance Ctr enhanced with crisp trigger pull.

Hand honed super smooth action, like new with box and papers.

Do Not Buy New. $875(33239)

Savage model 10BA Stealth rifle. Chambered in common 308 caliber. Incredible Drakes aluminum Chassis system. Fully adjustable stock with top rail system, factory muzzle break, 22" heavy fluted target barrel, crisp Accutrigger. Immaculate all over.

I see a Ghost class in its future. $949(52529)

Winchester mod 1873 in 32WCF cal. Great example. Vintage 1889, great wood,      30% bluing, 24" octagonal bbl, sliding dust cover, functions flawlessly, crescent butt plate. Gun that Won the West. "merica baby $2699(42409)

Ruger American complete field package. Bolt action package includes 308 cal black synthetic rifle, mounted by clear Nikon 3-9 BDC scope that compensates for the bullet dropping on your shooting distance, Detachable mag and padded sling.                     Just add ammo and ready to go! $499(52955)

Smith and Wesson 28-2 in 357 magnum.  6" barrel, VERY clean!  Don't miss out on this one!  $949 (30993)

Marlin 308MX lever action rifle hunting package in potent 308 Marlin caliber. The .308 Marlin Express was designed to produce performance similar to the .308 Winchester. This would give lever-action hunters improved performance over the 3030 rounds. This round was designed with a rubber polymer tip, so that it would be safe for the tubular magazine of lever action rifles. This softer tip eliminates the hazards of stacking pointed rounds end to end in a tubular magazine. Plus better take down and ballistics per a round nose bullet. This rifle is pristine from original owner, mounted with Nikon 3-9 scope with factory sites. Box/ papers. $799(53716)

HK 45C  45cal pistol in LNIB condition from original owner. Purchased here. Variant 1 (RH shooter w/ decocker/safety) , access rail, Glo sites, ambi mag release. Complete with box&papers. $619(33289)

Beretta A391 Xtrema2 12ga 28" bbl 3 1/2" chamber semi auto shotgun. A powerhouse shotgun. Smooth and fast firing. Black synthetic stock. Well used but well maintained. Includes case & chokes. Ready to go. Waterfowl? Turkey? $595(53089)

Tikka T3 Lite bolt action rifle in 308 cal. Known for their accuracy at a great value.  Black synthetic stock, smooth bolt, spotless bore, detachable mag, cocked indicator. Great guns. The pride of Finland. $499(53019)

ALERT: Where my Leftys?




Browning SA22 22 caliber semi auto rifle Browning SA22 22 cal semi auto.  Classic Browning take down design. Japanese manufacture in 2011. Flip up sites. Bottom eject.  $599(53682) 

Ithaca  mod 37 pump action shot in 16ga. Bottom ejection, 18" barrel. Expected wear. Um, I really don't know what else to say..... $269(53896)

Ithaca mod 37 3T Featherlite 12ga 30" pump action classic shotgun. Choked Full, bottom eject (great for lefties!) Clean, smooth action, minor scrapes and scratches.    $ 475( 53903)

 Ithaca mod 37 Deerslayer 12ga pump action slug gun. Nicest one I've seen -     sat in Grandpa's      safe. Sticker still on it. Wood stock-perfect. Bluing-perfect. Bore-perfect. Bottom eject . Estate piece. Will be gone. $499(53614)

Savage mod 10 Left Hand 308 cal bolt action target rifle. Known for their accuracy and value. Features Savage's famous Accutrigger, heavy fluted barrel oversized bolt handle, muzzle break soft recoil pad and rail system. Perfect condition from original owner, spotless bore. All you! $639 (51595)
Benelli Montefeltro Super 90S Left Hand version  12ga 28" very rare early HK stamped model. Known for lightning fast action, super reliable, shoots 3" mag.  VR bbl with Hi Viz site and ext choke. Clean bore and internals, wood w/ minor handling marks. Great overall. You missed it the first time. $999 (51543)
Remington custom build featuring a 700 Left Hand action mated to a DW Cowen custom SS barrel in 375 HH mag caliber with a Leupold  VXIII 1.5- 5 x20 with express sites and a laminate stock. Retired African rifle. Super accurate, dependable. Ready for YOUR next adventure. $1489(50810)

Savage mod 116 LH SS fluted barrel with synthetic stock in 6.5/284 Norma caliber.        Popular Benchrest caliber, known for its extreme long range accuracy.                          Basically Norma Ammo designed an improved version of the Win 284 cal from the 1960's.                                  Versions have shot confirmed 1000yd/1.5" groups! Let's see what you can do??                                             Includes scope rings, famous Accutriggger and super soft recoil pad. $549(50635)

Ruger Hawkeye Left Handed 3006 cal bolt action rifle. Top model but still an amazing value. Features improved
 trigger & extraction with a 3 position safety all wrapped in walnut and blued package. Spotless- enjoyed a season. 
Includes 3x9 scope- ready to go! $595(50026)
Savage mod 116 Left Handed package. 270 cal in SS/ syn stock mounted with 3-9 scope. Famous Accu-trigger
system. Known for their accuracy and great values. 
Pristine, from original owner. Hit the range today. $595(47242)
               Browning ABolt Stainless Stalker Left Handed in 375HH cal. 
               Mounted with 3- 9 scope, sling with factory sights.   Indestructible. $469(43422)
Cimmaron Arms SAA, 38 cal in the famous Colt single action design. Deep blue 4" barrel, CCB frame w/ walnut 
grips. LNIB , shoot all day. $449(32476)

Ruger American  308 cal synthetic hunting rifle. Includes rings&bases, detachable mag. Accurate and great value. Will be gone. $399 (51587)
Winchester SXP Super X Pump action shotgun. 12ga 28" synthetic. Barrel great,

3 chokes. Looks good, functions fine. $369(50556)

Mossberg 500 12ga 24" turkey pump action shotgun. Woodland camo finish, ported barrel. A workhorse.
Browning A5 Light 12 ga , 26" Invector Plus barrel with Realtree Advantage Camo stocks . A classic, ready for the 
season. $449(49737)                 
Kimber Gold Match II 45 cal 1911.  Known for their out of the box accuracy. 

Blued with wood grips. With box from original owner. SAVE $769(25852) 

Savage mod 99 lever action chambered in 25-35 WCF cal . 1909 manufacture,

round counter , crescent butt plate, never scoped. $699(43301)

Mossberg 351C 22LR cal semi auto plinker from 1960’s. Mint condition, site groove receiver, loads thru stock, adjustable sites, walnut stock with cheekpiece and

sling swivels. $249(45795)

SW mod 327 TTR8 357 mag revolver. SW Performance Shop upgrades hand fitted pieces and honed actions. Super smooth and accurate.  Features ultra-light Scandium frame and titanium cylinder , 2-piece 5" barrel, 8 shot capacity , wide target hammer and adjustable sites with gorgeous custom VZ grips.  $1049(33420)

Marlin 17VS bolt action in screaming 17HMR  (basically a necked down 22mag flying at 2650fps), laminate stock, heavy target barrel. Mounted w/ 3-14 scope.

Great shape, clean bore. Great value@ $299(53672)

Kimber Custom Shop Gold Combat II 45cal 1911 pistol in perfect NIB condition.

From Kimber Custom shop, all hand fitted with extended mag well, KimPro finish over SS resists the elements, match grade barrel, Tritium nite sites and beautiful Micarta grips. Complete with Box/papers. Purchased here new.  Why buy new and lose big? $1499(24827)

Mossberg 590 12ga home protection shotgun. Brand new, never fired. Original oil and sticker never removed. Heavy duty shotgun has 20" bbl w/ full mag tube and heat shield. SaVe! $419 (53314) 

M1 Carbine, Iver Johnson manufacture. Clean bore, painted stock, peep site.

Shooter grade. You always wanted one. Hurry. $399(53594A)

Smith & Wesson Model 10. Very early gun.  Pachmayer gun work grip.               4"Barrel .38 special.  $369 (25536)

Savage mod 10BA Precision Stealth bolt action rifle. Super cool out of the box extreme accuracy and tactical look. 308 cal, heavy fluted target barrel inside adjustable chassis system and rail system. Super clean, spotless bore. Ready to go and save over new. $875(53024)

Mossberg 500 20ga pump action shotgun. High gloss stock with bright bluing.

Great condition with 26" VR barrel ad 3 chokes. $299(49991)

SW mod 36, blued 5 shot 38cal with original wood SW grips. Better than expected wear. $449(31617)(SW 60 also avail)
Browning Buckmark standard 5.5 " 22 cal blued, adjustable sites.

Known for their accuracy and dependability. Hit the range. $319(31594)
Winchester mod 94 in 30WCF (3030)caliber, made 1906. Short 18" brush bbl , expected wear. A piece of Americana! $729 (46917A)
Mossberg 695 Slugger 12ga bolt action shotgun. Fully rifled barrel for most accuracy and distance, factory ported, detachable mag w/ sites. Great condition and a great premise. These are hot. $429(50429)


Colt Officers Model Special in 38cal. This medium frame double action target model    revolver was always Colt's premium revolver until the introduction of the Python. We have Fourth Issue made in 1951 and was the first upgrade after the War. Features heavy bull barrel, wide hammer and adjustable sites, Colt Wood plastic grips. Immaculate condition, clean bore. Estate sale. Nicest one I’ve seen. $1049 (33348)

SW mod 60 5 shot 357mag stainless steel revolver. 3" bbl, original box&papers.

Clean. $549(32895)
Charles  Daly / Browning A5 clone. Made in Japan in the early 70's. Charles Daly model Auto-Pointer 12ga. 28" VR bbl choked Mod. very nicely machined and finished blue steel receiver with scroll engraving stocks are solid; excellent bore; original bluing is excellent. Appears to be a quality copy of the famous Browning A-5. $499(53023)

Weatherby Mark V 300 Wby mag bolt action rifle. Known for the strongest action and the most powerful calibers. The classic Mark V features wood stock, blued 26" ported barrel mounted with Leupold 3.5-10 power scope. Africa? Out West?                      Clean bore, tight action, clear scope, wood shows signs of use but still a great value.                          She's all there for $899(52705) Estate piece from original owner.
Winchester model 67 22cal bolt action rifle from back in the heyday. Great overall, clean bore. Ready to plink. $169(49875)

HR 1871 Buffalo Classic single shot rifle in 4570 caliber. Modeled after the famous long range rifle from the Great Plains era. 32" barrel, single shot rifle with peep sites, CCB receiver and crescent butt plate.  Hung on a wall. Appears unfired. Ready to go.

Have some fun. $379(53668)

Henry Big Boy lever action rifle in 45LC caliber Carbine. Classic good looks, smooooth lever action, walnut stock, octagonal barrel highlighted with brass frame. Perfect from original owner. Will be gone. $ 669(53664)

SKS  rifle, sought after Yugoslavian manufacture in popular  7.62x39 caliber.

Wood stock and bayonet with rare grenade sites. Stock and receiver matching serial numbers. Nice all arounder. $679(53791)

Browning SA22 22 caliber semi auto rifle Browning SA22 22 cal semi auto.  

Classic Browning take down design. Japanese manufacture in 2011.

Flip up sites. Bottom eject.  $599(53682)

Winchester model 37 single shot 20ga shotgun. Really nice overall. Tight action, clean bore, all were choked F, aftermarket peep site. Made 1936-63 and you never see these anymore. $325(52136)

Stoeger Condor 12ga over/under shotgun. Wood/ blue, 28" bbl w/ fiber optic site.  Clean all over and functions perfectly. Great value.  Will be gone. $339(53087)

Mossberg MVP bolt action rifle in 223 cal. Mounted with Simmons 3-9 scope, nice grey laminate stock. Great condition and fun to shoot. Hurry @ $469(53064)

Remington 513T Targetmaster  22 cal target rifle. THE target rifle to have back in the day. Made 1940-68. Extremely accurate. This one is very well maintained with original Redfield aperture site, 2 mags. Made 1945. Estate sale. Enjoy today. $599(53329)

H&R Pardner 12ga 18" pump action home defense shotgun. All there, functions fine.    A no brainer @ $119(53382)

Browning Gold 12ga semi auto shotgun. Camo finish w/ 30" bbl, 3 1/2" mag chamber. Well enjoyed and well maintained. Sky buster! $549(53944A)

Winchester model 1200 12ga pump action shotgun. 28" bbl choked Mod.                     In great condition, smooth pump with box from original owner. $295(51815)

Mossberg mod 500 12ga 18" pump action home defense shotgun. Black synthetic stock, top tang safety. Reporting for duty. $219(52803)
SW M&P Pre Model 10 38 cal revolver. 1st variant, 5 screw with all matching serial numbers. These were the first models off the line for civilians after the war, C serial prefix, manufactured 1948-57. Four inch barrel with original worn SW grips.

Finish worn, nicks and scrapes but shows a nice patina and functions great.

Neat collectable from the early post war era. $239(25536)
Ruger KM III Hunter 22cal target pistol. Super accurate and reliable. Stainless steel, wood grips, adjust sites, 7.5" fluted barrel. Box/ papers. Immaculate all over. $449(32945)
Remington 870 Super Mag 12ga pump action slug shotgun. Fully rifled cantilever barrel ensures most accuracy and distance. Perfect condition. Ready for scope.             A workhorse that's ready for deer season.  $449(52804)
CAI 87 12ga action shotgun . Repo of the famous Winchester. Wood/blued, 20" bbl,      6 shot tube. Look cool and fun to shoot. $239(52840)
Winchester mod 94 lever action 3030 cal rifle. Wood/ blued, ;ate 60's vintage.       She's all there with expected wear. Good bore. Ready to shoot. $349(52872)

Springfield Armory M6 Scout Survival rifle. Survival rifle issued to pilots in the USAF. Folds in half, squeeze bar trigger for gloved hands, internal ammo storage in stock. 22Hornet over 410ga. Awesome! Blued Version $599.  With original SA  case. Becoming more sought after. Will be GONE! (53661)

Ruger SP101 38 Special 5 shot revolver. Full stainless SS steel, 3" bbl. Mint from original owner with box&papers. $499(33039) 

Thompson Center Hot Shot Youth 22 cal single shot rifle. Scaled down for new shooters , 12 1/2" LOP, single shot operation that must be cocked and loaded prior to shooting. Perfect condition. Estate sale, all his grandkids learned on this rifle. Yours should be next! Take a kid shooting.  $199(53679)

Kimber Royal II 45 cal 1911 pistol , beautiful deep charcoal finish with classic bone grips. The contrast really pops. Features 5.5" match grade Bbl and bushing, with factory sites and target hammer. NIB condition. Estate. Box/papers. Hurry! $1299(31964)  

Beretta 682 Gold Skeet .12ga 30" over under shotgun. Classic Beretta feel and good looks. Features high figured wood,  adjustable stock with super soft recoil pad.   Includes sub- gauge conversion tubes. Shoot all the gauges from the same gun- brilliant! Complete set-up with case all chokes ect from original owner. Hit the range! $4999(52389)

Marlin model 1894 44mag lever action rifle. Immaculate condition from original owner, walnut/blued, checkered straight stock, never scoped. Gorgeous. Will be gone. $599(53670)

Taurus PT738 TCP 380 cal pocket pistol. Lightweight & compact polymer frame. Box/papers. $149(32897)

Ruger American compact Scout rifle in potent 300Blackout caliber. Designated as 300 BLK, it is a rifle cartridge designed for use in the M4 Carbine to achieve ballistics similar to the 7.62x39 cartridge while using standard AR-15 magazines at their normal capacity. (** Do not to use 300 BLK ammunition in a rifle chambered for 223**)

Unique FDE tan stock, with 16" scout barrel and rail system. Sticker still on it.  

Ready for the range. Will be gone@ $419(53119)

SW 340PD Airlite 357 5 shot, hammerless revolver. Incredible lightweight scandium frame with titanium cylinder. Black finish, PD marked Hi Viz site with Hogue rubber grip. LNIB condition. With box&papers. Only 12oz !  Potent carry piece. $769(32979)
Sporterized Springfield  mod 1892 Krag Jorgensen rifle chambered in 30-40 Krag caliber (aka 30 US or 30 Army) it was the first smokeless powder cartridge used by the US Military. Clean bore , perfect functionality, mounted with vintage 4X Redfield scope plus rear peep site. Restocked with high comb variant with cheeckpiece and

pistol grip stock. Unique rifle. $ 349(52781)

Remington Model Seven LS bolt action rifle in 243 caliber.  Lightweight, gorgeous & strong brown laminate stock, adj trigger, soft pad. $599(53669)

Chiappa M6 X caliber 12ga shotgun over 22 cal rifle , compact-folds in half,

ammo storage in stock , peep sites, Tri rail system, double trigger. Did he even fire it?? $499(53677) 

Kel Tec P3AT sub compact light 380 cal pocket pistol. 6 rnd mag with w/ belt clip. Ready to go @$149(33345)

Marlin 1894S  lever action rifle in 44 mag. Good shape overall, clean bore, minor scuffing on stock and receiver, 1983 manufacture. Uncheckered straight walnut stock. Period Bushnell scope with see thru mounts. Barrel stamped JM. Great brush gun.

All there. $699(53609)

Winchester 92 lever action rifle chambered in 32WCF cal. A JM Browning updated design of his 1886 large frame rifle but based on pistol calibers and known to be      John Wayne's favorite rifle. Walnut stock w/ handling marks and gouges, bluing decent, bore good. 20" round barrel w/ full tube mag, straight stock. Great patina, crescent butt plate, appears all original. Manufactured in 1927. $1199(53610)

Ruger 1022 full Mannlicher stock. Beautiful walnut stock extends all the way to the end of the barrel for a classic European look. Flip up sites, sling swivels. Box/ papers.

1 month old- do not buy new! $295(53731)

Marlin model 1895 lever action rifle in 45-70 caliber. Walnut/ blued, spotless bore. Purchased here new.  Factory sites w/ scope rings. These go fast! $499 (53663)

Kahr P380 subcompact polymer 380 caliber pistol. Total package with factory night sites plus Crimson Trace trigger guard laser, 2 mags w/ box&papers. A great setup from original owner. $799(33414) 

Enfield SMLE Ishapore 2A1 rifle in 7.62x51 caliber, 1964 manufacture. She's all there. Good stock, clean bore, 25" bbl, elevator sights. Marked India, 1964. Used by Britain and commonwealth nations from 1895 - present.  SMLE stands for Short Magazine Lee Enfield. They are battle proven and reasonable collectors’ items. $549(53676)

Ruger Single Six 22LR/22Mag revolver. Versatile, stainless steel/ wood grips w/ adjustable sites. Plink or varmints?   Box/papers. $519(33258)

Non NY Compliant   Out of State Customers Only / LE Sales Only


PTR91 308 cal rifle. Clone to the famous HK91 rifle.  Made in USA, adjustable distance sites, Tri rail system, w/ tons of extras. Scope, claw mount, sling. $1399(53949A)  

M1 Carbine Winchester manufacture from the CMP. Excellent condition with great wood and period sling. Rotating safety, bayonet lug & 10 round mag. You missed this last time. $ 1399(53608)

SW 622 22cal plinker. Super lightweight silver colored alloy frame, 4" bbl, adj sites, slim design, wood grips. 12 round mag. W/ box, all original. Shoot it today. $329(30646) 

Cobray M12 380 cal pistol . Steel construction, parkerized finish. Looks cool and will be fun to shoot. Priced to move @$399(33196)

Ruger Mini 14 223 cal with factory muzzlebrake . Wood/blued. Very early model  "180" serial number rifle. Needs a lil TLC but still pretty rare w/ muzzlebrake. $599(51048)647

Hi Point model 4595 45 cal rifle . A blast to shoot. Ghost ring sites, rail systems, w/ box and extras. $259(52484)

Ruger 10/22 Take down 22 cal rifle with flash hider. Full black synthetic stock, breaks down to 2 pieces. With extended slide and mag release. Super fun. $389(52185)

Hi Point model 4095 semi auto rifle in 40cal. Full rail, adj stock. Fun to shoot.      (*Needs mag)$179(52290)

HK model 93 A2 223 cal rifle, fixed stock. MINT condition, fixed stock, 1 mag and papers. The 223 version of the famous HK91. Super low recoil, dependable action. Importation stopped 1989. Highly sought after. Will Be Gone! $2999(52076)

Ruger P85 9mm pistol. Rugers 1St semi auto CF. pistol. Gen1 made 1987-90 with upgrade complete. Shooter grade with wear and handling marks. Needs mag. $199(32274)
Walther OSP 22 cal short competition target pistol, made in Germany.                Designed for Olympic rapid fire competitions and features ergonomic design with super low recoil, custom fit grips and light trigger pull. Bore is perfect, AS, some handling marks. 4.4" bbl. Brilliant design and getting more difficult to locate. $1599(31333)
STG-58 FN FAL built on an Imbel receiver. 7.62x51, Integral Bipod, Grenade compatible Flash Hider and adjustable gas system. Wooden butt stock and polymer pistol grip. The last of the great battle rifles and The Right Arm Of Free World.

Needs magazines. $1800 (51040)
Hi Point 995 9mm with muzzle break and sling. A fun and affordable pistol caliber carbine. $199 (51050)
Polytech M145 7.62 X 51 in a green Vltor M1-S Modstock, welded faux muzzle brake. A RARE BIRD!!!.$1550 (51047)
M1 Carbine  ERMAS manufacture , commercial version made 1962-65 in MO. $449(50525) 

Saiga 762x39 cal rifle. Thumbhole stock with cheekpiece , rail system, fun to shoot 4 mags. $599(46320)



Federal Ordnance M14 308 cal rifle, nicest one I've seen and getting harder to locate. Commercial version made in CA in 1980's using all USGI parts. This one excellent shape with spotless bore and great stock. Has Winchester barrel marked "62" as well as period style sling, original bayonet and rare bi pod.  None finer- see for yourself. $1899(48779)

Colt M16 22 cal by Walther. Incredible recreation of the famous battle rifle in 22 cal. Features full rail system, flip up sites and sling. Great way to introduce new shooters to our sport cheaply $325(39688)

ISSC MK22 head turning SCAR clone in economical 22 cal. 16" bbl, front/ rear folding sites, plus picatinny style rail mounts. Paul's jealous. $429 (36985)


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