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Photo Gallery


Carmine with his Glock Pistol

Shawn actually shooting something other than a 1911.

Eric's hooked!

Doug's 100 yard .22LR Target

Doug's 150 Yard .22LR Target

Doug's 200 Yard .22LR Target. These targets were only good enough for second place!

Team McGanley

Steve G w/ tricked out HK SL8 w/ Nightforce scope. Sweet set up Steve.

Pastor Henry with his 1919. You'd be happy too if you had a belt-fed .308.

Marlin's 308 Marlin Express and Hornady's LeverEvolution makes for a great grouping and hard hitting combo at 100 Yards

Carl J hits his Mark!

Campsite Range Day at Brookhaven Range. June 2008

More New Shooters @ Campsite Range Day June 2008

Vince Teaching New Shooter at Our Range Day 2008

Range Officer Doug working w/ the Boy Scouts. Great job! Range Day 2008

Campsite Range Day 2008

Anthony C. Shot this 5 shot group @ 200 Yards - I'd say load development is complete for this Sako TRG-22

Nice Shooting Guys! 1st and 2nd Place

THANKS TO ALL WHO HELPED FOR MAKING OUR RANGE DAY 2009 A SUCCESS! We introduced lots of new shooters to our sport (isn't that what it's really all about!) I especially want to thank Jonathan, Doug and Shawn for all your hardwork and dedication. The event would not have been a success w/o each of you. You guys are the best! I also want to give a special Thank You to my range officers and support staff- you guys made it run soooo smooth and safe. Patti Ann,Carmine,Nelson M,Rick W,Joe P,Donna P,Don S,John G,Mike V, Taryn,Tucker,Jordan S,and Brent from Remington, as well as Joe and all the staff at Brookhaven Range for treating us like Gold. See ya next year!

Range Day 2009. Don S w/ a sweet Tikka T3 Tactical & Nightforce .

Range Day 2009. Nelson M. assisting a new shooter.

Range Day 2009. Doug w/ a new shooter

Range Day 2009. First time using a firearm.

Range Day 2009. Jonathan w/ AR15 instruction.

Range Day 2009. Joe P. assisting a new shooter.

Range Day 2009. Jonathan w/ a range day shooter.

Range Day 2009. Another new shooter

Range Day 2009

Range Day 2009

Range Day 2009

Range Day 2009.

Range Day 2009. Phil T's first shots! I'm glad you came. It's better than Belmont right?!

Range Day 2009. Doug helping Tucker.

Range Day 2009. Andrea taking her first shots! Way to go!

Range Day 2009. Brent working a point.

Range Day 2009. Now its Taryn's turn to shoot.

Range Day 2009. The family that shoots together stays together. Welcome Joe K and family- we are glad you had fun! (ps- The food was awesome!)

Range Day 2009. Craig B shooting the Beretta Storm .

Range Day 2009.
Thanks for stopping by guys!
We hope you had fun.

Range Day 2009. Little Eckert getting his first shots! Welcome!

Amazing shooting by Ed J w/ his new Armalite AR10!

Jonathan was busy enjoying his new Taurus Judge .

BSA Venturers' getting their First Shots by Ken C NRA instructor at Roslyn R&R Club. This was a great event. Thanks to everyone and especially Ken for introducing new shooters to our sport!

Steve G taking his first shots w/ his brand new Barrett 107M 50 cal w/ an awesome Nightforce scope! Enjoy that bad boy Steve! We are jealous.

ZOMBIES! Hold The Line. Doug and Mark M the Zombie killers at match in Lancaster PA

Mark M sniping Zombies behind cover in PA w/ his tricked out AR15. Great shooting Mark!

Yes it is Doug......! Now that is dedication fellas- look at that position he got himself into.

Mike's Newest Toy! Armalite 50BMG w/ SWEET Nightforce Scope. Let er rip Mike!

Team McGanly's first place finish LIPSA event August 09. Great shooting Shawn! Congrats.

Doug taking SAFS (Small Arms Firing School)at PRSC. It's a great course designed to teach participants how to shoot service rifle. He highly recommends it.

RANGE DAY 2010 WAS A HUGE SUCCESS! Thanks to all who came out! It was a hot sunny day with long lines. We appreciate your patience and hope it was fun. We had so many new shooters and seeing their excitement is amazing.
I especially want to say THANK YOU to Jonathan, Doug and Shawn. All your hard work, promotion, time and effort is the backbone to our success. Thanks to all the support staff, range officers and people behind the scenes who made the event run so smooth and safe. Especially Patti Ann, Carmine, Nelson M, Rick W, Joe P, Donna P, Don S, Jordan S, Mike V, Taryn and Tucker. Thanks for helping out again this year. You guys make it look easy. Thank you as well to all the additional people for their dedicated effort for the first time this year. Thank you to Mike L, Bill M, Dave C, Tiffany,Matt S, Charlie K, Ken C,Paul D,Gene G, Jimmy C, Anthony S. Thank you to John&Tim from Dugans Sandwich Shop in Woodbury for catering the event. The food was awesome. Thanks as well to all the factory reps for your support. Jim@Acusport Corp, Dave@Remington/Bushmaster/ Freedom Grp, Doug@Benelli,Kane@Spikes, Brian@Saber Tactical and Nikon for your generous raffle prize and spotting scopes. Also, THANK YOU to Joe&Phil and all the guys at Brookhaven Range. All your support and assistance makes it easy for us. Range Day 2011 is coming!

Getting ready to take her first shots.

Gene w/ new shooter

New shooter.

Don S giving instruction before his first shots.

Reading comments like "Awesome!" ,"Kickass experience!" and "Best money I spent all summer!" makes it all worthwhile.

Jonathan w/ new shooter.

Ken C working a point.

Range Day 2010

New shooter with a Tier 1 Mission Ready Operator Grade AR15.

Carmine w/ his new shooter.

Local BSA Troop taking their first shots.

Jim instructing Roy T on what to expect shooting the Barrett 50.

First shots on the Barrett.

Paul D working a point.

Tiffany's turn to shoot.

Mike V working hard.

Tucker in his glory!

Congrats to Linda Ferrier winner of the Nikon M223 rifle scope, donated by Nikon for Range Day 2010.

Mike R. & Doug at Storm Mountain Training Center after passing the class and shooting out to 950 yards with the SAKO TRG-22s.

The Target Field at Storm Mountain - Clean your monitor and count the yellow dots :-)

Mark M. Spotting the long hits.

Doug at MCSA's Range in PA with BHTC shooting to 1000 Yards

MCSA's range in Lewistown, PA. 1000 Yard rifle range and more!

This ain't grandad's deer rifle :-)

Mike K watching the wind and calculating his next shot.

Nelson M assisting new trap shooter at Pt Washington Yacht Club. Thanks for your help!

Working the line at Pt Washington YC

Mike L just couldn't wait to shoot his newest bad boy(and I don't blame him)!Looks like you're having a blast with it.

Congrats to James N. and the famous Shane McGanley for their 3rd and 1st place finishes in the LIPSA LI Championship in Sept. Nice shootin guys!

RANGE DAY 2011. W O W ! What an amazing day! Thanks to all who came out. The sun gods smiled upon us and we put a ton of new shooters through the line. Seeing their enthuisasm is incredible and fulfilling. We want to keep improving the event; we take your comments seriously so keep 'em coming.
This event would not even come close to happening without the dedication, support and organization of Jonathan and Shawn. I want to personally say THANK YOU! The hard work you guys put into this, as well as the preparation, tireless promotion and especially your enthuisiasm is the foundation to our success.

Range Day 2011 - I want to Thank all of the manufacturers reps and industry partners for all your assistance, ideas and support. That is what makes our industry strong. Thank You Doug@HK/Benelli/Eotech(4th year), Jim@Acusport Corp, Ryan@HK/Benelli/ Eotech, Kane@Spikes Tactical, Mike @ Big Rock Sports, John@S&W, Dave@ Remington/Bushmaster, Rocky@ Nikon/Browning, AJ+Justin@LWRC, John@ Springfield Armory and Patrick@ Summitt Ammo. I also want to give a sincere Thank You Very Much for their very generous donations: SW Corp, Springfield Armory, HL Dalis/Mako Grp, Nikon, LWRC, Sig Sauer and Ellett Bros.

Thank You for the generous use of your equipment. It is greatly appreciated and goes a long way. I would like to Thank Barrett , S&W, Nikon, LWRC, Benelli, KRISS, Spikes Tactical, Remington, Bushmaster, Jonathan, Shawn, Mike L, Anthony S, Al C and Huntington Manor FD.

Thank you as well to Doug for minding the store- I always know its in good hands and things will run smoothly. Thanks to Bill M , Dave C, Jason N and Frank H for assisting Doug. It went well. I also want to Thank the following people who are going on their 3rd or 4th Range Day. Your dedication to the sport is appreicated. Thank you Patti Ann, Carmine, Nelson M, Rick W, Joe P, Donna P, Don S, Jordan S, John G, Mike V, Taryn and Tucker. It means a lot. Thanks to those who helped out again this year. Your combined experience makes the event run smoothly . Thank You to Mike L, Matt S, Tiffany, Charlie K, Ken C, Paul D, Jimmy C and Anthony S. Thanks to my Range Day newbies for coming out. A fresh face and new perspective is always appreciated. Thank You James N, Ryan C, Stan G, Sal C, Paul B, Hank G and Walter J. Also Thank You to Joe, Phil, Joe C, Mike from LI Shooting Range in Brookhaven. Thanks for accomodating us. We need to support the range folks- we are all in this together. Range Day 2012 or bust!

Thank You Dugans Sandwich Shop in Woodbury for catering the event. John&Tim pulled it off and the food was great. I LOVE the homemade bread John- YUM

Momma G and Baby G taking her first shots. I'm glad you came!

Paul helping new shooter.

Paul B with his new shooter. Thanks for coming.

Rocky from Nikon/Browning working a point.

Carmine with his shooter.

James N keeps a watchful eye.

I told you it was a blast!

Holy ammo! The loading team made it run smooth.

Ken C with his new shooter.

Shawn checking the shots.

He loved the Kriss rifle.

I knew you would love this event. Thanks for coming.

Stan G going over the operation with his new shooter.

Vish working the line.

Brian shooting the Barrett and having a blast. Thanks for coming- see ya next year!

Justin taking his first shots on the 22cal.

Taking first shots Campsite Range Day 2011

Keep the comments coming! We love hearing them. " Great time. Wifes 1st range experience", " I will be bragging about this for a long time and I have the pics to prove it" (after she fired the Barrett 50cal), "Awesome!"," Nice experience", "Great service and would love to come back"

Paul Baby face Johnson. Use your good eye...

Don S @LI Championship Westhampton, NY

Team McGanley @ LI Championship.

If you have seen, or know the where abouts......

Paul reloading on the run. LI Champ, Westhampton.

Team Campsite- We sponsored Suffolk County PD Trap Team at the Annual Police Olympics held on Long Island.

Congrats to Team Campsite, Walter J and guys from the SCPD Trap Team. Gold winners at Police Olympics. Great shootin guys!

Range Day 2012 was a huge success! We put an incredible amount of new shooters through the line and it was amazing. Thanks to all who came out. It was a record hot day so we sure do appreciate it. For your efforts, we handed out 1612 bottles of water, ate 100 pounds of watermelon, and shot tons of ammo(literally)!
There was a wide variety of new comers to our sport, which is great. Watching their facial expressions upon taking their first shots is priceless. I don't care if it was the 50 cal, the nostaglic Tommy Gun or everything in between- everyone left smiling. The whole day was a tremendous experience.

I especially want to Thank Jonathan for an exceptional day! This event would not even get off the ground without all your hard work, planning,dedication, organization and leadership! Range Day 2012 was smooth , safe and well run. THANK YOU!

Thanks also goes out to Doug&Paul. Your fresh ideas, experience, organization, and dedication ensured that the line ran safe and smooth. All the shooters raved! That's whats it's all about. THANK You Both.

Thanks as well to Shawn for minding the store. It's always a relief to know
it's in good hands and things will go smoothly. Thanks also to store staff who helped out again. It goes a long way. Thanks to Rich M, Jason N, Matt S, Bill M, Dave C, and Evan W

Thank You to all our manufacturers reps and industry partners who supported us again this year! It was an amazing event. Thanks to Skipper (HK/Benelli/Eotec)(5th year!), Rocky (Nikon/Browning),John (Ruger Firearms), Josh (Remington/Bushmaster/ Freedom Grp), John (Meopta Optics), Patrick (Summitt Ammo), John (LWRC)
Thanks as well to all the firearms training&education company reps for helping us this year. Your experience and knowledge was invaluable. Thanks to:Mark M(LI Defensive Training.com), Abdul and Ray R (Dynamic Firearms Training) and Top Shot contestant Frank (Renaissance Firearms Training)

Thanks to all the companies who provided us with equipment. It is very generous and we can't Thank You enough. Especially Jonathan, Shawn, Nikon, Ruger, LWRC, Remington, Bushmaster, Barrett, KRISS, Meopta, Huntington Manor FD.

THANK YOU to all the support staff, range staff, ammo loaders, and everyone else for assisting us! We cannot pull the event off without your help. I especially want to Thank those who were with us from the beginning. They have seen first hand Range Day grow. Your dedication is truly appreciated. Here's a huge shout out and THANK YOU for 5 years of continuous Range Day service. Patti Ann, Carmine, Nelson M, Joe P, Donna P, Rick W, Mike V, Don S, Jordan S, Tiffany, Taryn,Tucker.

THANK YOU as well to the rest of our support staff for assisting with Range
Day 2012. This event needs all of you to pull it off smoothly and safely. I want to especially Thank Mike L, Ryan C, Jimmy C, Jason G, Walter J, Paul C, Tucker Jr, Matt J, Anthony S, James N, Frank S, Bob T, Ken C , Patrick C, Sal C

Rocky S (Nikon/ Browning rep)getting range time

Mike V watching the line.

Frank watching his point.

Ryan keeping a close watch on his charge.

Ken C explaining.

First time shooter. Thanks for coming.

Don S ready for a fun day at the 50 cal section.

New shooter. Campsite Range Day 2012

First time shooter geting familar with AR15.

Top Shot competitor Frank Mellioni working a point.

First shots.

Joe P with his new shooter.

Ruger rep John D instructs his new shooter.

Shooting the PS90.

Sal C working the KRISS.

Doug's expert instruction.

Joe P loves the Tommy Gun

John D from Ruger with new shooter.

Mike V on his point.

Steve O getting some range time.

Jordan S prepping his new shooter before he fires the
Barrett 50 cal.

Anthony S checks things out.

Loading crew did an amazing job at keeping up. Matt E, Donna P,
Tucker Jr, Tucker, Patrick (Summitt ammo rep)

New shooter with a classic Springfield.

Carmine on a point.

John D instructs new shooter on AR.

James N instructs new shooter.

New shooter on the Marlin.

New shooter on the beretta

Donna P getting some range time.

Tiffany on the AK.

Taryn loves the 50cal.

Kurt braces for the 50 cal.

Little Doug R. shoots the 50cal.

John G working the Barrett.

Doug R shoots the 50cal. Thanks for coming.

First time shooting a 50 cal

Rocky on the AR15.

Thanks to John , Tim and the gang from Dugans Sandwich Shop on Jericho Tpke, Woodbury. Amazing job on everything. You guys pulled it off again! The food was delicious. Thank you and see ya next year!

This sums up the event! Thanks for coming. I also want to Thank Joe, Phil and the rest of the gang from LI Shooting Range at Brookhaven. We appeciate all you do for us. The event went smooth and thanks for all your help. Get Ready for Next Year!

RANGE DAY 2015 was an amazing success and can be summed up in one word- SMOOOOOOTH.
The weather was perfect which brought out tons of new shooters and the lines were flowing smoothly. Watching a new shooters' excitement is very fulfilling and that's what makes this event so special. People were so pumped that it seems like they took their first shots and were instantly hooked ! And after enjoying a lunch of burgers, dogs and watermelon and went back down and shot some more. Sounds like the heaven to me !

First off, I must personally THANK Jonathan for the planning and running of this event. Range Day as a whole would not have even come this far without his organizational and leadership skills. It has constantly improved and evolved. Planning started in February and it showed. Exceptional, smooth, well organized ,well run , and fun with the priority on safety. THANK YOU

Thank YOU to my team. You guys are amazing and the backbone of our success. THANK YOU to Paul for your endless hard work and dedication. Thanks for rounding up volunteers and the great ideas. They are the best group. THANK YOU to Mike for being part of the planning process and behind the scenes with marketing and promotion. You are an unsung hero. THANK YOU to Shawn for your ongoing promotion and flexibility. THANK YOU to Doug for literally "minding the store". It feels good to be at the Range knowing everything is good. THANK YOU to Carmine for your constant support and photography skills. THANK YOU to Azam for assisting Jonathan and Paul sighting in all those wonderful firearms. Little things go a long way. THANK YOU to Will for supporting in any and every way , as well as running the Air Gun section. THANK YOU ALL

THANK YOU to all our industry partners and manufacturer's reps for your continued support. You guys rock! I especially want to Thank Rocky from Browning/ Nikon/ Ares Defense. You have been with us from the beginning brother! You are a true professional. Thank You as well to Tommy from Vortex Optics, Greg from Mossberg Firearms, Dan from CZ, Swarovski Optics, Mark from The Mako Group, Josh from Hawke Optics, Mark from LI Defensive Training, Abdul from Dynamic Firearms Instruction and Frank from Renaissance Firearms Instruction.

THANK YOU as well to our group of totally dedicated staff and volunteers. The event was safe, smooth and fun because of you guys. We put a ton of new shooters thru the line, and that's what it's all about! There is no possible way to have this with out you. I especially want to Thank; Patti Ann, Taryn, Tucker, Ryan, Dan, Jimmy C, James N, Nelson M, Joe P, Donna P, Al C, Sal C, Fritz, Keith C, Jason G, Mike V, Martin B, Bob T, Anthony, Ray R, Tom R, Paul O, Martinez family, Jason B, Mike V, Mike R, Fred S, Charlie A, Mike P and Connor McG.

Sal C with new shooter.

James N assisting a shooter taking first shots on an AR.

Mrs M with a new shooter.

Getting ready to pull the trigger.

Ralph taking his first shots.

Frankie D taking his first shots.

Paul O. insuring safe first shots.

Dan working the KSG.

Shooting the new Aries.

Anthony Town with a newbie shooter.

Al C keeping careful watch.

Keith C minding the point.

Mike P checking the targets.

Jason G working a point with new shooter.

Tom R giving a safety briefing.

Ryan checking the targets.

Martin B on the job.

Brad R getting instruction.

Brad R taking his first shots.

Eric L at the point.

Kalvin's first time shooting! You go girl!

Stephanie dares to shoot the 50!

These comments sun it up!
"Awesome time, everyone was great. Had a blast", " Just want to know when the next time this happens again", " I'll be back", " Great, let's do it again ", "The event was excellent. Looking forward to next year. " , "Very good staff, food was free can't go wrong with that", "The most fun I ever had", " Came here for my birthday, had a great time", "I thought it was great and staff was great" , " The best"

Thanks for the great comments, they really drive us. We appreciate you coming and hope to see you next year. .


Mark M helping a shooter line up her sights

Mike V. Always works the 50 cal with a smile

The loading table kept us all in ammo

Jesse watches a shooters target

Martin helps a first time shooter we will miss his smile when he moves

Lines were not long and everything ran smoothly

Fred sights in the 6.5 creed more

Tom helps a shooter to line up to target

Kevin from Sig shows how to operate his gun

Greg from Springfield loads for a new shooter

Jack from CZ shows how the bolt works for a shooter

Range Day 2017
Doctor Ronnie tries a new gun

Amanda shooting the Smith and Wesson 22

John D from Ruger instructing a new Shooter


Andy tries out a new pistol

Donna shoots a Ruger Vaccaro then she bought one

Dan tries his hand at something different

James shows a new shooter the ropes

The well armed women had a table and helped out

Big guns like This Smith and Wesson 500 didn't scare her

Semi autos or revolvers we had them and they tried them all

Lots to choose from

The lines weren't long and ran very smoothly

Joe helps a shooter load up and ready to fire

Tony shot the big stuff

Mike from HK sights one in

not bad for a fishing guy Carmine shoots too

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