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Vargo "ti-lite" Titanium Mug

The "Ti-lite" mug offers innovative versatility for ultra-lightweight cooking systems. The mug is compact enough to enjoy an early morning cup of coffee or tea, yet large enough to cook single meal entrees. Made from the highest grade of titanium available, the mug is incredibly strong and durable.

>blasted exterior for a more rustic look and feel
>polished interior for easy cleaning
>holes in lid make straining water / food easy
>lid knob makes checking food safe and easy
>perfectly fits 32oz. Wide-Mouth Nalgene bottle inside to save space

WEIGHT: 4.9oz.
HEIGHT: 105mm

** Web Sales Only **

Option: Titanium "ti-lite" Mug 750 ML - $56.99
Titanium "ti-lite" Mug 900 ML - $64.99