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Browning-Pelican-Storm hardcases. Never used to lightly used condition. Indestructible cases to keep your firearms safe and secure. Lockable, heavy duty with wheels and multiple handles. 2 available. From $190+ (SAVE bigtime!)
Beretta Silver Pigeon II spectacular 12ga 28” over under shotgun. Features beautiful coin receiver with detailed flushing upland game birds and landing geese on other side. Beautiful high figure oiled walnut stock with 5 chokes and hard-case. Pristine , like new condition. Enjoyed 1 range outing, from original owner. $2699(65782)
Thompson Center brand new Thunderhawk Shadow 50 cal starter muzzleloader kit. Still in plastic packaging. Features rifle, sabots, cleaner, and tools. $125(67966)
SW mod 36 Chief compact 38 caliber 5 shot revolver, full size grip. holster wear but tight. $419 (40668)
Citadel 12ga pump action home shotgun. Pistol grip stock with 18” barrel, ghost ring sites w/top rail. Appears unfired with box/papers. $195(68235)
Marlin Camp 9 9mm rifle. Classic rifle, and maybe ahead of it’s time, pre-dating all the stuff today. Made 1985-99 and in excellent condition. Maine birch stock, press checkering, great bluing and bore. Never scoped. Nicest one I’ve seen. $899(69673)
Mossberg model 454 lever action rifle in 3030 cal. Perfect condition and appears unfired. Never scoped, factory sites, great trigger with almost identical dimensions to the ubiquitous Win 94. $500(69749)
SW mod 10-3 , blued 4" bbl, 6 shot 38 cal. Expected condition ,some muzzle wear , SW medallion grips worn smooth, tight lockup and bore is clean. All original . $399(40667)   Freedom Arms 454 Casull mod 83 Premier. Gorgeous. A powerhouse! The round is one of the most powerful in the world. Ballistics and take down are incredible- more knockdown at 100 yards than a 44mag at the muzzle. Will take any N. American game and is the first handgun to take Africa's Big 5 Most Dangerous Game (Lion, Elephant, Cape Buffalo, Leopard, Rhino). Finely made, rugged, durable with smooth single action and crisp trigger. Features 10” bbl, wood grips, adjustable sites, polished finish w/box &papers. Will also shoot 45LC caliber. Estate piece from original owner. $2099(39222)    https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-revolver-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6722&cat=164
SW SW99 compact 9mm pistol. Lightweight. Accurate. Great condition. $350(40333)
Colt Agent 5 shot 38 cal revolver. The Agent was similar to the the Cobra with super lightweight alloy frame but having only 2” barrel mated to a shorter grip frame for deeper concealment and 38cal only. The name Agent was Colt’s marketing attempt to reach the LE crowd. We have an early Series 1 from 1969 features exposed ejector rod, Colt silver medallion wood grips, expected wear. Clean bore, tight lockup, exhibits some edge wear. $600(39723)
Stevens 12ga SxS 30” bbl, double triggers, closes tight with clean barrels and choked Full/Mod. Top tang safety, mid bead. Expected wear with nicks, abrasions and pressure dents. All ready to go! $400 (64593)
Colt Single Action Army Revolvers. Surely the most famous gun of all time. Iconic looks and design, used by the military, collected and enjoyed by civilians, a staple of every Hollywood Western and fact that they are still being produced after 140 years and still highly sought after is testament to their allure.

Colt SAA matching set of iconic SAA revolvers. From Colt Custom Shop 1992 manufacture. Of course brand new unturned condition, sequential serial numbers    from original owner. These are identical twin revolvers both bearing the same specifications. Classic 45LC caliber with 4 3/4” deep blued barrels, beautiful CCB receivers and smooth walnut grips. Complete with factory rampant Colt blue boxes plus white outer sleeve. Purchased here June 1992. You will be the second owner of these! $6000(39218)

         Colt SAA matching set. Another spectacular sequential serial number revolvers from the Colt Custom Shop. This set was commissioned in 2014 to the customers’ specs with the typical 12-18 month build time. Magnificent bright nickel finish that really pops mated to spectacular Colt Custom Shop Class B level engraving. A very eye catching, masterfully hand engraved scroll work covers the receiver, barrel and cylinders - not overwrought but just tasteful enough to make you aware that these are some very special handguns. Sequential serial numbered revolvers: number 67A is 45 LC 4 3/4” bbl while number 68A is 45LC with a 5.5” bbl. with identical engraving and nickel finish. Absolutely perfect, unturned condition. Colt rampant blue boxes and whiter outer sleeve boxes on both. Includes Colt Factory Archive letter authenticating the revolver. Huge statement pieces for your gun room and the cherry on top of your collection. Not duplicated. One of a kind. Classic Americana on full display. Estate piece from original owner who commissioned them. These were on a “Never Sell List” and family is heartbroken.
$10,000 (38608) 

USFA SAA 45LC NIB, 5.5" bbl , factory engraved frame and barrel with deep deep blue finish, simulated Ivory grips . These were manufactured in Colt's old factory.          Estate sale. Spectacular and ready for a new home.  $3095(32371)    http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-revolver-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5079&cat=164                                                                                                                           Savage 9317 17HMR caliber SS/ synthetic stock,(A necked down 22 mag round that has a super flat shooting trajectory , attaining 2650fps) Heavy stainless 22” barrel with scope rings. Varmints beware! $349(64583)

Winchester 9422 lever action rifle chambered in 22 S L LR. Estate piece/ safe queen in pristine like new condition. Appears unfired and is amazing all over. 1973ish vintage and you will be the second owner! Nicest one I’ve come across. I’m in love! $1300(67968)

Kimber Ultra Carry II compact 45cal 1911 pistol. Blued finish, black rubber panel grips. Carried a lot, shot little. Some visible wear, clean bore and functions perfectly. $650(40150)                                                                                                            

Beretta AL391 Tekneys Gold Sporting 12ga 28” bbl semi auto shotgun. Immaculate condition from original owner. Features deluxe walnut stock, soft recoil pad, stainless receiver, jeweled breech and carrier and more. Complete with fitted hardcase 5 chokes total, shims, colored site inserts and spare recoil pad. Purchase here new, from original owner. Hit the range! Reliable, great soft shooters and ready for whatever you can throw at it. $1600 (68456)
Savage model 9317R scoped package. Features laminate thumbhole stock with stainless steel receiver and heavy barrel checkered in rocket 17HMR caliber. Mounted with Simmons 3x9 vari power scope. Accurate, dependable. Great value guns. Ready to go , just add ammo. $449(68120)
Savage 64 22cal semi auto rifle shooting package. Mounted with 2X power scope, 3 mags, papers. Stock has some minor nicks and handling marks. Take a kid shooting! $165 (66706)
SW model 15-3 revolver classic 6 shot 38caliber revolver with its roots dating back to 1899. The SW15 was popular with police departments and the FBI due to their extreme reliability. ( I think Dave carried one.....) The total production run was from 1949- 99 and gave rise to many variants. Originally named Combat Masterpeice until SW went to all numerical models in 1957. We have a perfect 15-3 which were manufactured from 1967-77. Estate piece and nicest one around. Deep blued finish shows no wear or bluing loss , spotless 4” pinned barrel, adjustable sites, SW medallion wood grips show minor wear. Locks up tight, smooth trigger pull. These usually have seen heavy use- Not this one! $1299 (39017)  https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-revolver-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6685&cat=164 

Winchester 94 lever action rifle in 30WCF (3030 cal) 1918 manufacture and these are classic Americana. Full length mag tube wit 25.5” barrel. Functions fine with good bore, great patina, original crescent buttplate and wood stock exhibiting bumps, nicks scrapes and finish wear. Cool piece showing great character. $1000(60742)  https://campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6744&cat=161 

Springfield Armory XDS 45cal pistol compact 3.3” barrel like new. Complete with gear kit, hi viz, 3 mags, purchased here new. Ready to go! $ 479(38170)    https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-pistol-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6520&cat=163                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Kimber Stainless Target II 1911 pistol chambered in 38Super caliber. Gorgeous full stainless steel frame , black grips with adjustable sites. The 38 Super caliber was introduced in 1929 and has made a comeback in IPSC and other shooting sports due to less felt recoil over a 45ACP plus it operates at higher velocities with more knockdown energy. From original owner- did he even fire it??  Includes 3 mags, box/papers, etc. Perfect, like new. WAS$1050 NOW $850 (30335)  https://campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-pistol-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6745&cat=163  

 Remington model 700 ADL , high gloss checkered stock chambered in 270 cal mounted with 3-9 scope and factory sites . $850(64265)

Winchester model 70 bolt action rifle in 300WM caliber. Black synthetic stock with scope rings and sling. Great shape. Clean bore and strong action. $600 (64379)
Browning ABolt White Gold Medallion in 7mmWSM caliber. Purchased here originally. Classy rifle with high gloss wood, silver receiver with light engraving, ported barrel for recoil reduction with leather sling and Leupold rings. Some nicks and handling marks so don’t stress about it and hunt in style. $999(65825)  https://campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6742&cat=161 

Weatherby Vanguard bolt action rifle in potent 300WM caliber. Wood/blued finish and known for their super strong actions. Features high gloss high figured stock and deep bluing. Clean bore, clean internals and functions flawlessly. $795(66152)   https://campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6748&cat=161 Colt Detective Special gorgeous deep blued finish. Legendary 5 shot 2” barrel 38 special revolver. In 1973 Colt did the first major redesign of the Detective Special. It now featured a new heavy barrel with a shroud to cover the ejector rod and a long ramped front sight. New combat style wrap around grips and a smooth trigger. Most importantly the guns were now factory rated for use with +P ammunition. This is known as the Fourth Issue Series and was the last actual change in the design.  It was made from 1973 to 1986, when the Detective Special was discontinued for the first time.               We have a gorgeous early 1973 vintage C prefix derail number from original owner. Spotless condition with bright finish, sharp walnut grips, slight edge wear with smooth action.     Did he even enjoy it? You be the second owner. Look no further. $1100(39245) (Amazing factory nickel finish also)    https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-revolver-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6715&cat=164         Walther PPS M2 with RMSc Red Dot In 9mm.  Red dot installed from the factory.  Comes with 4 magazines, box and papers. $699 (38567) https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-pistol-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6578&cat=163                                         

Charles Daly 12ga 28” bbl semi auto shotgun. MO Advantage camo finish, 3 1/2” chamber with ported barrel. Excellent all over. Great value guns. Hurry. $440(68117)

Steoger M3500 12ga 18” bbl home defense semi auto shotgun. Smooth and fast firing. Mag cutoff/decocker, extended mag tube &charging handle with soft pad. Ready for duty! $ 500(68796) 

Rock River Arms Varmint fixed mag AR package . Features 24” SS heavy barrel with round forend, target grip mounted with crystal clear 8x32-44 variable power scope. Ready to hunt and perfect condition from original owner. Look out varmints! $1300(68339)                                                                                                                             

Ruger Single Six 22 cal revolver. Great target shooter. Blued/walnut, 6” barrel, single action operation, adjustable sites. Clean, smooth. $419(37869)

Kahr P380 subcompact pistol chambered in 380cal. Factory night sites. Steel frame construction. Box/paper/2 mags from original owner. Good condition, some wear but great value. $500 (39101)   https://campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-pistol-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6759&cat=163

William Powell shotguns The Uplander model matching small gauge set. WoW! Prominent English gun maker beginning 1802 and still producing today and are one of England’s oldest premier gun makers. They were guns favoured by Kings and Queens, aristocrats and country gentlemen. Of course they assisted in the war efforts as well and descendants of Powell were still involved until 2008. Powell gun were simplistic and straightforward. Numerous patents issued and awards earned through the centuries. The guns were continually improved and flourished. A testament to the fact that many of their guns still survive today. We have a matching small set of shotguns continuing the Wm Powell legacy. The Uplander model is a traditional English shotgun featuring straight stock with slimmer forends and double triggers. Set includes a 410ga with a matching 28ga. Guns bear an ultra-rare and exclusive serialization featuring serial number 3 and serial number 4! Wood is highly flame figured with matching deep CCB receivers with flower motif surrounded by scroll work. The barrels marked Birmingham England. 410ga barrels both choked .409 (between cylinder &skeet) and the 28ga barrels are both choked .543(between IC&Mod) A great addition to your collection. Not duplicated. Shoot or admire. **Price Improved** Now $12,500 pair (69142) 

SW model 629 44mag revolver. Classic large frame revolver, stainless steel frame, 6” barrel AS, 6 shot cylinder with plenty of power. Excellent condition from original owner with box and papers.$1000(39410)  https://campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-revolver-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6758&cat=164
SW 1911 45cal pistol, SS frame /wood grips. Features cocking serrations, fully AS, mint all over. With box/papers from original owner $795(40387)
SW MP9 Shield compact slim 9mm pistol. Super clean with Box/papers /3 mags. $325(40468)
Rossi mod 971 357 mag revolver. Blued finish with 4” bbl, adjustable sites, 6 shot capacity, Rossi wood grips. Clean, tight. Great value@ $ 375(40463) 

Fox Savage Model B 12 ga SxS shotgun. 30” barrel choked Full/Mod, single trigger, wide beaver tail forend, press checkering, wide rib,tight action and clean barrels.     Needs some TLC on wood, crack developing, need butt pad and minor touch ups. Manufactured 1955-66, marked Chicopee Falls. $320(69489)
Browning ABolt Hunter Left Hand action chambered in powerful 300 WSM caliber. Wood/blued. Muzzle brake for reduced recoil, scope rings, removable mag, good trigger, typical hunting wear with scrapes, nicks, sling, super soft recoil pad. $600 (64588)

Winchester mod 67 22cal bolt action rifle w/ 27” barrel. Awesome rifle from your youth. Made 1934-63. She’s all there. Older refurnish, clean bore and action. Take a kid shooting vintage style. $250(69078)

Ruger Security Six. 357 mag, 6” bbl, adjustable sites . Ruger’s answer to SW& Colt for the LE market. Pachmayer grips. Great all over. $595(40387)
H&R model Sportsman 999 22LR top open revolver. All original condition. These are becoming more sought after. $659(40291)
High Standard Sharpshooter 22cal target pistol. Made 1971-77 and we have a later gun. 5” bull barrel with target grips and fully adjustable sites. Frame marked Sharpshooter and slide E Hartford. Clean pistol from old time target shooter. Ready for the next adventure. Go punch some paper. $700(40303)
Colt Huntsman 22 cal target pistol. Very early 1957 target pistol. Family heirloom in waaay better than expected condition. Blued finish, 6 inch barrel, began as a less expensive target pistol in 1955 with fixed mag, no lock open and pencil barrel. Sleek design. Will be gone. $1195(38477) https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-pistol-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6535&cat=163
Bauer Automatic 25cal sub sub compact pocket pistol. An American-made copy of the Baby Browning. SS , 6 round mag, made 1972–1984. Known to be well made and hand fitted with many parts interchangeable with the Baby Browning, including grips, magazines, and various internal parts. Now on the collectors radar. $449(38172)  https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-pistol-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6515&cat=163 

Kimber K6S 1st Edition revolver. Beautiful high grade mirror polish finish of Kimber's first revolver. Features hammerless design with flat-sided cylinders for compactness, crispest match grade DAO trigger, exotic striped Pau Ferro wood grips, (Brazilian wood used for making fingerboards for electric basses and guitars), smooth snag-free edges, made 2016 and we have serial number 49! Features glass and velvet wooden display case. Pristine, unfired estate piece. Nice addition to your collection. $1595(35970)

New Price $1495https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-revolver-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6259&cat=164                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

SW mod 625-2 revolver chambered in 45ACP caliber, 4” barrel with adjustable sites. Smooth crisp trigger with wide hammer. Bead blasted SS finish with rubber grips. Great shooters. From original owner. $725(40367)

Remington 700 ADL bolt action chambered in potent 7mm mag caliber. Gloss wood stock with checkering, Rosewood cap, cheekpiece, soft recoil pad , factory sites w/ see thru sites and sling. Famous strong action, accurate. Some handling marks on stock, Fall is coming. $750(66811)
Mossberg 500 12ga 24” barrel pump action slug shotgun. Rifled sites with smooth bore barrel. A workhorse ready for the Fall. $275 (69289)

Values Under $299                                                                                                                                                                                                             
Ruger SR9 9mm. Great values. Two tone finish w/ SS slide Great all around condition. New shooter or new addition? Purchased here originally, complete with box papers, 2 mags. Will sell quick. $300(40334)                                                                                                                   Bersa model 86 380 cal pistol. Argentinian version on the PPK. Fully functioning, clean barrel, some holster and use wear. Box/papers. 3 mags. $280 (39076)  https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-pistol-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6684&cat=163                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
ASM 36caliber black powder revolver. Made in Italy, replica of the famous Colt 1851 Navy revolver. Navy scenes on cylinder, brass frame. Have some old school fun with this. $199(37115) https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-revolver-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6281&cat=164                                                                                           Iver Johnson Trailsman 66 22cal revolver. Top break open design, 6” barrel with adjustable sites and blued finish with original IJ brown Tenite plastic grips with thumb rest. Early K prefix serial number gun. Great all overall and better than expected condition. $255(40461)                                                       Mossberg 12ga 26” barrel pump action shotgun. Older gun with adjustable poly choke, wood/blued, top safety. Expected nicked and wear. Good overall and functions fine. $280 ( 68949)                             Knight 50cal black powder rifle model LK-II. Black synthetic stock. Takes 209 primers. Priced to move! $125(64600) *Note : As Is Purchase. Final Sale                                                                                          Ruger LCP II super compact 380cal pocket pistol.Great shape. 1 mag. Purchased here. $265 (40395)
Fantastic from original owner/purchased here new. 2 mags, case. $295(40495)                                                                                                             

Kimber Solo subcompact 9mm pistol. Ultimate in concealment and ease of carry but knockdown of full load 9mm. Good looking pistol, snag free design, manual safety , loaded chamber indicator ambi mag release, alloy frame. Lots of features and packs a punch. Mint condition. Box/papers, 2 mags from original owner. Our sticker still on box! $500(39336)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

SW mod 37 Airweight Chiefs Special 38cal 5 shot revolver. Early No Dash gun. Pinned barrel. Early 1970s production. A feather in your hand from local PD estate. Blued/wood, 2" bbl. Slight expected edge wear. Tight lockup, original grips and well maintained overall. Estate sale. $675(40305)                                                            

Weatherby  MK V rifle in potent 340 Wby caliber. Capable of taking any N American big game and most African game, 340 Wby was introduced by Roy in 1962. Flat shooting w/ tons of takedown. This MK V is stainless steel / synthetic w/ rings and is in LNIB condition. Ready for your next adventure. Includes box and sling. Great value@ $999 (55412)  https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6623&cat=161                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


GLOCKS   GLOCKS   GLOCKS    GLOCKS   GLOCKS   GLOCKS   GLOCK                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           G19 Gen 2 Trijicon night sites . Early gun in fantastic condition. Finish is great, clean bore and internals. Old school cool coming back. CA OK. $500(40411)
G43 newest and most popular carry pistol . 2 avail. Slim design 6 round 9mm pistol. Break-in grease still visible. 1 mag and box. From original owner- our sticker still on it. A total no brainer. 1 mag and box. From original owner- our sticker still on it.A total no brainer. $399(40397)
G27 compact 40 cal pistol. Mint mint mint with Night sites, 4 mags, box/papers. SAVE $400(40555)                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
GLOCKS   GLOCKS   GLOCKS    GLOCKS   GLOCKS   GLOCKS   GLOCKS                                                                                                                                                                   

Browning /FN /Sako bolt action rifle. Very early Browning of 1969 vintage produced using Sako L69 action in Belgium by FN. 270 caliber. Excellent overall from local estate. This gorgeous Medallion Grade rifle features light scroll engraving , higher grade checkered factory walnut stock , factory flip up sites & scope bases. Great bore, strong action, no other issues. This extremely well maintained early classic Browning looking for another great home. $1500(64599)
Beretta APX Carry 9mm pistol in FDE finish. Lightweight, accurate dependable. Box/papers, from original owner. SAVE$300(40373)
SW MP9 2.0 Shield subcompact 9mm pistol. Box, pistol in mint condition, 2 mags. Great value and ready to go. $339(39683)
Browning ABolt Big Horn Sheep Limited Edition high grade bolt action rifle. Beautiful rifle made 1986-87 and limited to only 600 units. Brand new in box from local Browning collector and purchased here originally! Features high grade glossy walnut stock w/ nice fiddleback and Rosewood cap, chambered in popular 270cal with checkering. Features leaf&acorn engraving with 4 24K golden Big Horn Sheep adorning the receiver and floor plate. A great addition to your collection and rarely come around. $2000(61841)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Ruger Single Six 22LR cylinder Stainless steel revolver Great plinkers w/ 6.5” bbl, adjustable sites and Ruger medallion wood grips. Ready to enjoy! $399(39727) 

Kahr P380 subcompact polymer 380 caliber pistol. Total package with factory night sites plus Crimson Trace trigger guard laser, 2 mags w/ box&papers.                              A great setup from original owner. $575(33413) 






Ithaca XL900 12ga semi auto shotgun. Gas operated shotgun from mid 1970s. Basically an SKB made for Ithaca. Amazing condition for age. Some pressure dents on wood, game scenes on receiver. Barrel is spotless, 26” and choked IMP. $499(67217)
Savage mod 99F beautiful lever action rifle chambered in 308cal. Pristine wood with pistol grip and checkering. No cracks or splintering, deep blued finish with factory sites and innovative built in round counter and loaded chamber indicator . Made 1955 -73 and nicest example to come thru here. Usually these are very well used rifles. Great addition to your collection. $900(67210)
Mossberg mod 535 Turkey Thugs 12ga 20” bbl 3.5” chamber shotgun. MO Breakup Infinity camo with pistol grip, ported Full choke, scope base and smooth pump action. Mint all over and ready for the woods. Gobblers Watch Out! $495 (69780) (* Great video series providing tips and secrets to turkey hunting. Check it out at: go.mossyoak.com *)
Ithaca model 37 FW 12ga 27.5” bbl choked Mod, highlighted game scene, bottom eject ( great for lefties), cool early vintage Weaver red dot scope . $525 (64603)
Weatherby Vanguard chambered in 257 Wby Mag caliber. Flat shooting round with great ballistics for medium game(whitetail/ pronghorn) or small predators(bobcat/ coyote) and is known to be Roy's favorite. Fluted bbl, 24” SS synthetic , black stock with grey spiderweb accents stock. Cheekpiece, super soft pad, strong action, scope rings and sling. $750(64591) 



SW Mod 60 & 36 Revolvers. Classics!                                                                                                                                              SW 36 early flat latch version- no dash . Classic 2" blued 5 shot 38 cal revolver. Wooden SW grips worn smooth, good bore and functions fine. Carried by old salt NYPD detective and it exhibits holster wear, nicks, dings, and tons of character. Super cool. Ready for second owner. $275(40413)                                                                                            SW mod 36 nickel very early flat latch nickel plated gun. Late 1950’s vintage with 2” pinned barrel, 38 cal and gorgeous mother of pearl grips. Very classy and head-turning revolver. Early no dash flat latch version along with the nickel finish makes this a rare combo seldom seen. Family heirloom in really better than expected condition.        Clean bore, tight lockup. I’m in love! Will be gone. $1200(38845)   https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-revolver-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6672&cat=164
SW 36 early no- dash gun. Very late gun I estimate 1968-69 vintage. In excellent overall condition. Some very minor edge wear at barrel. Super clean with super duper cool original SW blue box with handwritten specs on flap. With faux pearl grips, it really pops. You will be the second owner of this !! $800(39095) 

Beretta 92FS Inox 9mm pistol. Full size , stainless finish w/ Beretta rubber grips, 10 rounds. Known for their accuracy, reliability. Smooth shooters, ambi safety/decocker, ease of takedown, plus military heritage. Super clean and looks a sharp with black controls. Box/papers from original owner. Made in Italy w/ plastic case and outer box. These are classics. Now $850(40106)
SW MP340 357 5 shot 2” revolver. Mint condition revolver w/ ultra lightweight Scandium frame (weighting in at under 14oz) smooth snag free hammerless design with box/papers, 2 grips. Ready to go ! $750 (39374)
Lee Enfield/ Parker Hale sporterized 303 British rifle. Unfortunately these are usually beat up Frankenguns-but not this one. Workmanship and sweat equity shines thru. Exact fitting cheekpiece walnut stock, mounted with TruGlo 4-16 vari power scope and sling. Action is smooth and tight, bright bluing with clean bore. Well maintained. $499(66059)                                                                                                                  

 Fox / Savage BSE Series H 20ga side by side shotgun. An American made side by side with deft to shoot heavy loads. Savage purchased Fox in 1929 and used their considerable name recognition for a moderately upscale SxS shotgun in the 1940s resulting in the Model B. It featured a durable box lock design which was the formula for many current SxS shotguns. We have a 20ga 28” vent rib barrel shotgun in amazing condition. Made 1966-88 with selective ejectors, bright CCB receiver, select walnut, wide beavertail forearm with press checkering. $749(69207)
SW Shield 9mm compact 9mm pistol. Polymer frame, with 3 dot sites. Excellent condition, clean bore. Estate piece, purchased here new. Great value @ $380(38814)    https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-pistol-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6669&cat=163 

Sig Sauer P320 X Change frame with slide. Never used. 3 dot sites, 3.5” bbl chambered in 40 caliber. $250
Sig Sauer P250 X Change frame with slide. Also Never used. 3 dot sites, 3’ barrel chambered in 40 caliber. $250

Sig Sauer X Change Frame w/ slide, 9mm barrel , mounted with Romeo1 red dot $450
Sako AV Finnbear Deluxe. 270 cal bolt action rifle. Classically beautiful rifle with highly figured French walnut stock. Oiled finish cheekpiece stock, factory checkered and Rosewood cap. Deep blue finish w/ 24” ported barrel, engraved floor-plate. In pristine condition. Estate piece and appears to be unfired. Late 80's vintage. Fine workmanship with cocking indicator and famous super strong action. $1700(66978)
Ruger M77 bolt action rifle in 338WM caliber. Stippled synthetic stock with Mag-Na-Port barrel for recoil reduction. Scope rings, sling and super soft pad. A beast! Clean clean clean from original owner. $800 (64586)
Mossberg mod 535 12ga pump action 2 barrel set shotgun. Features MO camo, straight stock , 3.5 chamber with ported Full turkey choke, hi viz sites plus 28” waterfowl barrel. Clean all over with smooth action. Gobble gobble quack quack! $449(68640)

Remington 870 Tactical 12ga 18” bbl straight stock with Magpul stock. Ready for duty. $400 (68874)

Ruger Super Blackhawk 44mag 10.5” barreled beast. Full stainless steel finish ,single action operation with crisp trigger, fully adjustable sites, unfluted cylinder and walnut Ruger grips. Never fired- you be the first. From original owner with box and papers. *Price Improved to 695(39334)  https:// com/html/firearms-used-revolver-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6741&cat=164
Springfield Armory 1911 45 cal pistol. Hard chrome finish, 5.5” bbl with fully adjustable sites and wood grips. Real head turner. Fully functioning and clean all over. $995(39610) **Price Improved- *****Now $795*****

Springfield Armory XDS 9 compact semi auto pistol 3” bbl, lightweight polymer frame. Passive grip safety, loaded chamber indicator, ambi mag release, accessory rail,factory 2 dot sites w/ fiber optic front sight. Mint All Over. Appears unfired SAVE Box/papers/gear kit/6 mags!/ holster and more. $650(40508)
SW MP45 45 cal pistol. Full size frame, 10 red mag, ambi slide release, 3 dot nite sites, 4” bbl. Purchased here new. Great condition and all ready to go. Box. $450 (40396) 

Remington mod 12 22 cal pump action gallery gun. Straight stock , corn cob forend and sites. Older refinish. Pretty clean and fully functioning. $399(69329)
Ruger 10/22 22cal semi auto synthetic stock, blued finish, Factory flip up sites and scope base. Great all over and will be gone. $199(69129)
Remington mod 710 Fall hunting package. Features blue synthetic 3006 caliber bolt action rifle mounted with clear Bushnell 3x9 scope, 2 mags and sling . Great value gun. $369 (65905) 

SW model 15-2 revolver classic 6 shot 38caliber revolver with its roots dating back to 1899. The SW15 was popular with police departments and the FBI due to their extreme reliability. ( I think Dave carried one.....) The total production run was from 1949- 99 and gave rise to many variants. Originally named Combat Masterpeice until SW went to all numerical models in 1957. We have a perfect 15-2 which were manufactured from 1961-67. Estate piece and nicest one around. Deep blued finish shows no wear or bluing loss , spotless 4” pinned barrel, adjustable sites, wood grips show minor wear. Locks up tight, smooth trigger pull. These usually have seen heavy use- Not this one! Includes another super cool blue handwritten box with metal edging . $1299(39093) https://campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-revolver-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6739&cat=164                                                       
Ruger Super Redhawk 44mag revolver. Smooth Single Action Only operation, with clear Leupold 2X power extended eye relief pistol scope. Stainless steel finish with 7.5” ported bbl for recoil reduction, jeweled hammer and rubber grips. Great condition, clean bore and functions fine. These are super accurate and dependable. Ready for Fall. $850(40388)                                                                                                            

Savage model 110EL Left Hand action 3006 cal bolt action. Marked Westfield Mass. Birch stock with press checkering, original butt pad and scope rings. Clean barrel and internals. Functions fine. Fall is coming! $500(69070)

Remington 700 BDL ( Better Deluxe) 7mm REM mag. Left Hand bolt good gloss wood , factory sites plus scope rings and sling. Ready for your next adventure. $700(64582)
Savage Mk II 22cal bolt action rifle. Bolt / blued, single shot operation. Fun. Accurate. Take a kid shooting! $215(68385)                                                                                      
SW 34-1 22cal kit gun. Gorgeous nickel version. Designed to pack with your gear in your hunting or fishing “kit”. Later version made 1961-91 off 2” bbl SW J frame. We have M prefix serial number w/round butt frame and adjustable sites. All original, tight lock up super clean with SW silver medallion grips. Well maintained. Hurry Mike is drooling. $1000(40460)
Chiappa 1892 44-40 caliber lever action rifle. Repro of the famous Winchester 1892 lever action rifle. (With some parts able to interchange on the original ones!) A John Browning design for Winchester completed in just 2 weeks as the smaller, lightweight alternative to the larger Winchester 1886. Beautiful hand polished walnut stock, 24” octagonal barrel with full length mag tube, CCB receiver, smooth lever, buck horn sites and classic crescent butt plate. Like new from original owner and appears unfired. Stickers still attached! Lowered To $1095(69083)                                        Colt Dectective Special blued/ Colt silver medallion rubber grips. Legendary 5 shot 2” barrel 38 special revolver. In 1973 Colt did the first major redesign of the Detective Special. It now featured a new heavy barrel with a shroud to cover the ejector rod and a long ramped front sight. New combat style wrap around grips and a smooth trigger. Most importantly the guns were now factory rated for use with +P ammunition. This is known as the Fourth Issue Series and was the last actual change in the design.  It was made from 1973 to 1986, and later reintroduced 1992-95. We have a minty 1993 version, super clean, tight lockup and great bore. $999 (40507)
Remington Speedmaster 522 Deluxe 22cal semi auto rifle. Tube fed mag with adjustable sites, gloss checkered walnut Monte Carlo stock. Includes cool factory installed shell deflector. Good looking rifle manufactured in Dec 1974. Clean shiny bore, bright bluing with great stocks. They don’t come around like this anymore. Estate piece. Old school cool !$900(68894)
SW MP9C compact 9mm pistol in excellent condition , 2 mags,holster, box, from original owner. $465(40505)                                                                                 









  J A F Collection
Estate Collection From Very Good Friend of Store. I’m Honored To Be a Part of His                                                                       Amazing Collection of Firearms
                                            A L L In Brand New Condition

           A Large Percentage Of These Firearms I was the First One Cutting the Tape

Opening The Box and Unwrapping the Firearm. Stunning Finds And Most Likely Last                                                            of  Their Kind NIB.
A Trip Down Memory Lane. You Will Be The Second Owner And First Person to Insert The Bolt.

More Processing Each Week So Keep Checking Back and No Cherry Picking.

                                                      Enjoy Them As Much As I Am!

1)Ruger KM77RP MKII 308 cal bolt action, stainless steel/ synthetic. Rare and sought after Zytel stock. $1000(67223)                                                                                                                        

2)Ruger 10/22 RB birch stock , blued finish , flip up sites, 1983 manufacture. $400

3)Winchester model 70 XTR Featherweight in super rare 7mm Mauser caliber. 100% brand new in box. Highly sought after red Winchester solid butt pad prior to USRA ownership. Marked XTR. Tags still on it. Here’s another chance to own probably the last remaining new one out there. $2000(67271) (Item #G7077XTR)

4)Browning 92 lever action rifle chambered in 44mag caliber. Brand new of course, was still wrapped up…. 1981 manufacture, Browning vintage black/gold box with old school handwritten serial number. You missed it last time! $1600(67226)

5)Ruger 10/22 SS/ laminate stock version of the ubiquitous rifle. Stainless steel receiver and barrel. Brand new- looks great. Stand out at the range. 1991 manufacture. $350 (67284)

6)Winchester model 70 Featherweight XTR bolt action rifle in 223cal. Another exceptionally figured oiled walnut stock rifle with checkering , red butt pad and deep blue luster finish. Classically beautiful rifle , NIB condition. Accurate and great action. 1983 vintage. $ 1250 (67319)

7)Sako Vixen Hunter bolt action rifle in 223cal. Striking figure oil wood stock with cheekpiece, red butt pad. Brand new still in wrapper with dried factory oil visible stuck to it! Mid 1980s production. None Finer. Never Left The Box!!! Complete time warp piece. Wowee! $2250(67280)

8)Winchester model 70 Ranger 3006 bolt action rifle. NIB condition, never fired, hardwood stock, flip up sites. Fall will be here faaaast! $550(67320)

9)Winchester mod 92 Wrangler SRC lever action rifle. Manufactured 1983-84 only, chambered in 32 Win Spl caliber. Features “Wrangler” logo on barrel, large loop lever with cool saddle ring, top eject 16” carbine barrel. Receiver features roll engraved Western scenes with a miner panning for gold and other scene with a covered wagon. Of course absolutely brand new with stickers and tags still attached with old Winchester white box w/ red lettering. Of course was still wrapped up and I cut the tape on the box! Insane time warp piece. Last new one around folks- can almost guarantee it!                   $ 1200(67321)

10)Winchester mod 94 3030 cal lever action . 20” bbl with full length mag tube. Classic Americana. 1976 vintage and went straight into his safe! Now, 45 years later, you have the opportunity to purchase this brand new unopened, unwrapped rifle. Includes cool old Winchester red/whites/ blue box with all papers etc. Wowee! $1200(67304)

11)Beretta GR2 20ga SxS shotgun. Made 1968-76 with 26” bbl choked IC/Mod with double triggers. Low 4 digit serial number, imported by Garcia Corp. Perfectly brand new and never assembled. Includes super cool old school “wooden” box before my time.       Dried grease on receiver and Beretta hang tag. Not Duplicated & None Finer. $3000(67208) On Hold
12)Winchester model 70 Featherweight amazing barn find! Chambered in 270Win Mag with a 1957 manufacture.

Absolutely brand new untouched in box with vintage hang tags. Features gorgeous oil finish walnut with high comb Monte Carlo stock , lighter version of the Standard, factory sling swivels and factory flip up sites with rare aluminum butt plate (rather than usual white outline ). All in mint condition old heavy duty Winchester box with yellow description sticker, various hang tags, wax wrapping paper - waaay before my time. Never scoped, original screws still there, dried grease visible. Of course Never Fired and Most Certainly the Last Brand New One in Existence. WoW-I’m in Love. $4000(67202)

13)Browning mod 71 High Grade rifle chambered in 348 caliber. Limited to only 4000 units from 1987 to commemorate the famous Winchester model 71. We have a spectacular high grade version of course untouched, featuring highly figured and finely checkered gloss American walnut stock. Dual game scenes on the receiver are highlighted in gold against satin silver. Right side features a golden buck running past a forest of trees. The left side exhibits two golden elk bugling towards each other on the mountainside. Scroll engraving encompasses the remainder of the receiver. Singed by engraver T. Naka along with a gold trigger. Barrel is deep blued 24”, short tang and classic buckhorn site. As new, perfect condition, box/papers. You missed it last time. You’ll be second owner. Will .Be .Gone. $2500(61844)

14)Beretta model EL 950 BS Jetfire compact 25 cal. Flip up barrel with blued finish , beautiful gold highlights, gold hammer&trigger and Beretta medallion wood grips. Old style box. Haven't seen one in a while. Pre 1988 manufacture. And….. it’s brand new. Becoming highly sought after. $1100(40205)

15)SW mod 36 classic 5 shot, 2” blued 38cal revolver . Early “No Dash” w/pinned barrel, large flat latch. Deep blue finish, tight lockup, grips still sharp, diamonds prominent and bright medallions. Old blue SW box with handwritten specs on it. Early 1960s vintage. No signs even fired it. Amazing $950 (40206)

16)Charles Daly mod 705 12ga 26” bbl over under shotgun. Brand new never unwrapped with dried factory grease visible. Choked Mod/IC. Miroku manufacture. Ready for action. $900 ( 67276)
17)Ithaca Deerslayer pump action shotgun. Never assembled - just in time for Fall season. Classic pump action model 37 Featherlight 12ga 20” slug gun. 1971 vintage and first box I’ve ever seen for these. Beautiful -None finer and ready for the woods. $ 1250(67266)
18)Remington mod 700 Classic bolt action rifle chambered in 35 Whelan caliber. (An uploaded 3006 with case necked up to use .358″ instead of .308″ bullets. Considerably more powerful than the 3006 but fits in a standard length action with a relatively flat trajectory, good terminal performance with surprisingly mild recoil. Good for large/med game animals like moose , hogs, deer or bear.) Considered a “wildcat cartridge” in the 1920s until Remington saw its potential and stepped up in late 1980s with large scale production of .35 Whelen rifles. You are holding the first of that new batch of rifles made 1988 . Of course brand new unfired/untouched collector piece. Beautiful high figure oil finish wood/ deep bluing.Factory sites and sling swivels. Bolt never inserted! You be the first to shoot it. Is this the last new one around?? $1000(67221)
19)Browning SA22 22cal classic semi auto rifle. Manufactured May 1963 in Belgium. It’s a take-down with light scroll engraving , factory sites . Definitely not fired and probably never assembled. Complete with vintage black Browning box and original paperwork. WoW $900 (68897)



Non NY Compliant  

Out of State Customers Only / LE Sales Only         


Aero Custom Build AR pistol size. Total head turner. 556cal with BCM handle &grip. Features Shockwave stabilizer, 45 deg sites and mounted with fast and effective Vortex SPARCAR red dot scope. Package looks amazing. Lightweight and LNIB condition. Super Cool NOW  $1095(40294)
Kel Tec Sub 2000 rifle, uses Glock 9mm mags. Cool design that folds in half. Box/papers from original owner. Fun to shoot. $495(68375)                                         

Beretta CX4 Storm rifle in 45cal. Brilliant concept and one of my favs. Compact carbine having low/no recoil , fast handling, flip up site, black synthetic stock. Pistol like controls, uses Beretta mags. Perfect clean condition from original owner with fitted hard case. Hurry on this one. $900 (63534)  https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-le-only-pre-owned-firearms.asp?action=view&ID=6652&cat=156

CZ 75P01 Omega 9mm semi auto pistol. The P-01 Omega comes with the same features as the P-01 but allows users the versatility to swap from decocker to safety operation. Also features lightweight alloy frame, accessory rail, 3 dot sites, 2- 14 rounds. Box/papers. Perfect condition from original owner. SaVe! $550                                                                             

Benelli MP95E precision target pistol chambered in 32 wadcutter caliber. Red dot scope. A fav of Olympic shooters. Known for fast firing, being very well balanced, crisp triggers and exceptionally accurate. We have a perfect well -maintained pistol, mounted with Ultra Dot red dot scope, plus factory adjustable sites, Benelli wrap around wood grips plus spare Benelli adjustable target grips, 2 mags. No longer imported, from original owner. Cocoa , FL gun. Don’t miss it again. $1995(38471) https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-le-only-pre-owned-firearms.asp?action=view&ID=6627&cat=156