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Competitive Shooting

Are you tired of standing there and punching holes in paper? Well get out, get on your feet and shoot on the move!

Would you like to get a bit better with your handgun while preparing yourself for realistic defensive situations?
Try IDPA shooting with Freeport Rifle and Revolver Club.

Do you feel the pull of the Old West and want to shoot a combination of rifle, shotgun and handguns?
Try Cowboy Action Shooting with New York's Hole in the Wall Gang.

Whatever discipline you choose you will have fun while improving your shooting abilities. All matches are on Sundays and a modest fee is charged. You don't have to shoot well but you do have to be safe!

Follow the links above for match schedules, rules and details.

For IDPA you will need:
A reliable handgun and 4 reliable magazines or speed loaders
A belt holster that's IDPA approved
Magazine carriers that are IDPA approved
200 rounds
Ear and eye protection

For Cowboy action shooting you will need:
Period style shotgun
Period style lever action rifle in a pistol caliber
A brace of period style six-guns
Period style dress (don't feel funny, everyone else will be also)
75 rifle rounds
75 revolver rounds
50 shotgun shells
Ear and eye protection

Put the fun back into your shooting while improving your skill!

Shoot quickly and not get yelled at!

Competition will teach you things about yourself, your firearms and your friends that you never knew before. It's a great way to spend the day!