1877 New York Ave. (Route 110) Corner of W. 16th St.
Huntington Station, NY 11746
Tel: 631-271-4969


Hunter’s Checklist

(Click here for a printable PDF version)

  • Hunting License, Back Tag & Carcass Tags, a pen and a Zip Tie
  • Back Tag Holder
  • Duck Stamp, Archery and or Muzzleloading permits
  • Register with HIP
  • Waterproof Boots
  • Good Socks with a spare pair
  • Synthetic Long Underwear – Remember, “ Cotton Kills”
  • Sturdy waterproof Pants and or Bibs
  • A good Belt
  • Shirt with pockets
  • Chaps or Gaiters
  • Vest – layers help!
  • Waterproof Jacket or Coat with a hood
  • Scarf or neck wrap
  • Face veil
  • Hat
  • Blaze Orange hat and or vest
  • Gloves, regular, neoprene and latex
  • Compass with Map
  • Emergency Whistle
  • Game bag
  • Sharp knife
  • Game Calls
  • Cover Scents
  • Blind Building Materials
  • Insulating seat
  • Tree Stand with climbing harness
  • Decoys
  • GPS
  • Binoculars
  • Deer Drag
  • Small Flashlight and or head lamp
  • Gun sighted in with quality ammo – remember the sling!
  • Ammo and spare magazine
  • Thermos
  • Hand and Toe warmers
  • Drinks and Snacks
  • Walkie Talkies
  • Back pack or Butt pack
  • Vehicle Recovery Equipment, tow rope, shovel
  • Waterproof Matches and/or Fire Steel
  • Emergency Sleeping Bag
  • Hitch mounted Cargo Carrier
  • Cooler
  • Did you tell someone when you’re going, where you expect to be, and when you expect to return?
  • Cell Phone (you can’t always count on a signal)
  • Butcher’s Phone Number (631-587-2031) Joey D’s
  • Taxidermist’s Phone Number (516-847-0087) Fins to Feathers Taxidermy
  • Deer Search’s Number (845-227-5099) www.deersearch.org
  • Do you know what species you may hunt?
  • Do you know the bag limits?
  • Do you know the legal hunting times?

Comfortable boots and clothing are essential to a good hunting experience. If your feet are cold, you’re done and have to return to the camp. Same goes for any part of your body. You simply cannot hunt at your best if you’re distracted or uncomfortable. Make sure you have what you need to be comfortable and safe.