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Photo Gallery


The Milk Man Delivers!

Jon w/ a Trophy Kudu

Mike and Big Buck


Chris, Doug, Mike & Axle on a PA Birdhunt

Tess Loves Her Job

A. Khan Nov. '08 Ithaca, NY
Monster 12 point buck....way to go!

Azam K with his first Buck this year from New Jersey, great catch!

Chrissy G. with a big gobbler!

Jon in AFRIKA!

Nice Russian Tusker Taken in CA

Billy and a Nice Black Bear

Joe enjoying a cold morning on the shore

Nice one taken in the Hamptons!

Stan with a nice Waterbuck

Jon and Bushbuck , S Africa

Mo' Africa

Jon and Impala, SA

Rhino checking us out

Baboon, SA

Kenny G w/ a Nice Colorado Turkey!

Grizzly! Nice job Charlie!! 10'8" /950 lb Alaska Grizzly

First Turkey! Way to go guys! Congrats! 18 lb Tom harvested in Hunter Mtn.

Mike and Tess had a Great Day of Hunting

Billy and a Goat taken with a Marlin Lever

Bear from Gene's Game Cam in Deposit, NY.

Rick M w/ a GORGEOUS Brown Bear near Cold Bay Alaska ! 9 1/2 inch foot w/ a 27.2 inch skull. Nice job Rick.

Mike R w/ a gorgeous buck from his secret Westchester spot! Congrats Mike

Gene & Doug show off the fruit of their labor

Kristin G 9 1/2 bearded NY turkey. Opening Day 2009! You go girl!

Mike R had company near his tree stand - nice bear walked by and didn't even know he was there. Great pic- thanks for sharing it.

Bill waits with Oz and Axle for the Geese to show up.

I want to hunt at your place this year Ed!

Matt S ,Campsite associate, got his FIRST buck on Opening Day 2009 as well. Congrats on a job well done! Short season for you Matt. Aren't you glad I gave you the day off?

Doug's Pride & Joy, Axle. He's a Deutsch Drahthaar and available for stud.

Peter P w/ a gorgeous 10 year old , 300 lb Wyoming Ram harvested at 10,500 ft elevation. Opening Day 2009

A quiet morning in the marsh.

Gene with Adam and his first buck- Opening Day 2009 N Sanford , NY. Great job Adam ! You're making this look easy kid.

Capt James took break from chartering and landed a monster buck! Congrats Captain.

Joe P w/ an amazing 8 point buck harvested in Saskatchewan Canada. He dressed out at 178# and scored 123 5/8. Congrats Joe!

Little Gene with a buck

Pics of incredible African game scene "fighting over the kill". A lion vs 2 hyenas for a zebra carcass. Amazing detail throughout. Thanks to Frank Zitz Taxidermy in Rhinebeck.

Axle retrieving a duck

Doug watering Axle during a bird hunt.

Doug with a tiny racked seven point. His body was a good size but his rack was small. Time to plant a food plot.

Kenny H w/ a monster Suffolk County buck harvested Jan 2010. Nice job Ken!

Shawn and His Big Hog!

Vermont boar- bacon for everyone!

Deuling Banjo's...?

Gene & Krissy both bagged turkeys! Her's looks bigger Gene.... I'm eating at your house Thanksgiving. Way to go guys!

Jason w/ Coyote. I wouldn't want to meet him the woods.

Shawn and Jason boar hunting VT. Nice 350 pounder guys!

Kerri M. , 13 years, w/ her THIRD gobbler. She's now 3/3! Way to go Kerri! Here's a 15 pounder. Don't be jealous guys -she has expert tutelage.

Chris R w/ a fantastic monster Long Island buck. Congrats and great job Chris!

Mark Z w/ a fantastic Iowa buck! Nice shooting Mark- way to go kid!

Dom M w/ his beautiful Canada Caribou. Congrats Dom. Keep 'em coming.

Stan w/ a gorgeous 160lb+ Male Leopard blind hunting in Mozambique. Great cat! Congrats

Croc swimming by camp Mozambique.

Jon w/ Leopard. Mozambique

Jon w/ 14 1/2 ft Zambezi River Croc. (Mozambique)Laying next to him seemed like a good idea at the time....

These teeth are meant for only one thing

PH Wayne Grant catching zzzz's while they cut a road in. Couldn't you find a better place Wayne??

Jon& Dan w/ his staff.

It's all fun and games until someone loses a......leg. Camp staff fooling around.

Jon w/ Zim PH Rod Evans w/a new rug

Jon & his game scouts w/ Zimbabwe Wildebeest.

Is this the next hot camo pattern?

Jon with second Wildebeest

"I guess he had an itch " says Ed J with funny game cam footage.

Frank C w/ a monster Kentucky buck! Great job and congrats. The binos were worth it Frank.

Texans Carl&James with a specatactular Maine moose. Harvested at Oxbow Lodge, Aroostook County , Maine (zone 5). Field dressed 885# with a 50" spread. AWESOME

Kevin D w/ a fantastic NM elk harvested with bow! That's some good shootin Kevin. Congrats!

John V with his Wyoming Mule Deer. Awesome Trophy. Huge rack. Great job John

Dave's pronghorn from Wyoming. Beautiful species. Good for you Dave.

John V's Wyoming pronghorn. Nice job kid!

John admiring Dave's mulie. Great trip guys- start planning for next year.

John M w/ a monster 9pt 195# SC buck. Congrats and keep 'em coming John. You need to hunt with us Yankees.

Chris K w/ his upstate NY buck. You gotta be in it to win it.

Frank C at his secret Westchester spot(probably his backyard...) Nice job! Keep 'em coming

Bob T just back from Wyoming showing off his Speedgoat. It apppears your trip was worth it.

Bobby T 's Wyo Mule deer. Great shooting!

Jeff A from North Pole, Alaska harvested a fantastic moose while on a 10 day hunt in the bush near Fairbanks, Alaska. 52" spread , 338WM cal handloads at a 463 yard shot. I'm glad you're on our side Jeff

Dave,Les and Jim had a great day goose hunting Eastern LI.

Jeff C w/ a MONSTER Adirondack 8 point buck. Very impressive Jeff. Great job!

Adbul K w/ an amazing non-typical 11 point Binghampton buck. Good shooting!

Short season for Gene. Nice 8 pt buck harvested in Deposit NY.

Newbie Andrew C with his first doe! Thanks for the pic- she is huge! 140# from Roscoe ,NY. Good job.

Eldon S with his nice 9 pt buck harvested Opening Day. Great job Eldon! Awesome rack. Thanks for sharing.

Mike R with another gorgeous buck. Great job Mike. You're gonna need your own page soon.

Scott H with his 165# Coyote from Montgomery County. He took an "amazing" 7 yard shot!

Rob C also had a short season. Opening morning buck near Hancock. Congrats!

Chris R is having a fantastic season. Gorgeous LI buck. Great shooting Chris.

Art B with his Opening Day harvest. Good for you Art.

Big Gene, Little Gene. Big Deer, Little Deer

Scrappy the "Beagle-Retriever" loves his job while rabbit hunting in Deposit.

A Khan w/ a gorgeous NJ buck. Congrats and keep 'em coming!

Richie V and The Gang . Good shootin guys!

Richie V setting the trap.... Riverhead,NY

Our new friend Sveinbjorn from Iceland with an amazing wild reindeer from Eastern Iceland near Egilsstadir. Thanks for the pic! When is opening day reindeer season in Iceland anyway??

Jonathan looks cozy, but ready for action and scanning the skies.

Dream team? Jonathan ,Shawn, Jason and Chris T prepare for pheasant shoot at Birds Unlimted benefitting Huntington Manor FD. We had a "blast" . Thank you!

John S w/ a monster buck!Great job John.

Jonathan and his trackers Zimbabwe. Gorgeous Zebra- congrats!

Jonathan was part of a Leopard tracking survey to determine a cats range and habits. This leopard was darted and a tracking collar attached. Jonathan assisted by monitoring the breathing and heart rate of the sedated cat. Talk about up close and personal folks.... This was the first cat darted in Zimbabwe, making Jonathan the FIRST American to assist in the handling of a darted leopard! What an amazing experience kid! Congrats to you.

The trapped leopard waiting for the tranquilizer to take effect. (Notice the red dart)

The sedated leopard.

The team taking the leopard's vitals and measurements.

Look at those canines!

Carrying the 170 pound cat before he wakes up!

Mike P and son Vincent hunting w/ bird dog Gus.

Walter C working Gus

Gus on break.

Don't feed the animals.... Fire Island, NY

Tom A w/ a gorgeous Corsican Ram.

Henry K w/ his first deer. Congrats!

Chris A w/ beautiful Corsican Ram harvested in New Zealand. Great job kid! Keep 'em coming!

Walter J had a great weekend near Deposit NY . 20 pounder w/ 8 inch beard. Good job kid!

Kenny G w/ his 1st antelope! Craig Co, Colorado . Good shootin kid-congrats!

Walter J with his upstate Monticello, NY bear. Harvested with a bow no less! Awesome. Congrats.

Ronnie C w/ his monster whitetail! Keep 'em coming kid.

Howie H w/ a MONSTER 13 pt Ohio buck! Good for you- way to kick off retirement.

Jonathan &Jon with 4 pt buck taken on Geissinger Mtn near Deposit.

Dan O with his NM Mule Deer. Gorgeous!

Adbul K with his monster New Jersey buck.

Amazing LI buck harvested by Chris R ! Congrats and great job to Chris

Capt James with his nice upstate NY buck.

Scott R with the biggest buck of the year! 10 pt, 31" spread. Congrats!!

Jonathan harvested this 8 pt monster in PA on opening day. EXCELLENT

Mike R had another successful harvest. Keep them coming.

Mike S with his hunting partner Mike C with their gobbler in Deleware County, NY. Way to go!

Ethan S harvested his first deer on first day out! Short season and a lifetime of memories. Way to go!

If you have seen; or know the whereabouts......

Nice harvest.

Ryan M out on his 1st hunt.

Tom A with his latest harvest.
Gorgeous! Congrats.

Peter P harvests nice mule deer on his annual Co hunt. Gorgeous rack!

Gene G with an amazing 10pt buck from Geissinger Mtn near Afton. Beautiful buck.

Poppa J saw this bobcat running along the ridge, and here is the result of that encounter. Really cool. Congrats

Little J shows off his good shootin! Good harvest, congrats.

Jonathan and....what the HELL is that?!

Chris A on his Saskachewan hunt. Success!

Stan P shows us his incredible S African Safari adventure.
Gorgeous Kudu

Stan with lioness

Small elephant was harrassing the villagers and couldn't defend himself. Notice the broken tusk.

King of the jungle

Stan with lion

Rhinos checking him out.

Cull some monkeys.

Dikker(actually a big specimen)

Huge Zebra



Hippo from the Zambezi River. Fiercely territorial animals

Gorgeous Hartebeest

Amazing herd of elephants. Keep your distance.

One comes in close to check Stan out.

Incredible herd of Cape Buffalo. Amazing to witness.

Large Cape Buffalo

Zambezi croc, a 15 footer!


Sleepy croc right outside the camp.


Nice size Impala

Amazing Sable

Watch where you step-Black mamba!

Mike K with his gorgeous kudu.

Mike K with a fantastic waterbuck.

Mike K S Africa

Mike K on his S African Safari. He got to witness lions feeding! Lucky dog.

Lioness heading to dinner. Beautiful.


Epic shot of the pride feeding.


Oryx herd, S Africa