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Photo Gallery


Howard Gaber Nice Salmon

John Rinaldo with a huge striper taken off the south shore beaches with a pencil popper and rod from the Campsite




Paco with a NICE striper caught on a rod he made himself.

Paco pulled this Largemouth Bass out of the sweetwater

Got Fish?

Crazy Alberto with a nice pair of LI Walleyes! See Al for details....

Practice Catch & Release!

Pretty Good for a Gun Guy!

He took the whole Summer off for this!

My First Black Fish on My new rod

Hunter's "Big Fish" from the CSH Fish Hatchery on opening day. Nice job Hunter!

Campsite customer Mike Royer hoists a 30lb Salmon River king.

Jeff C w/ a nice bass ! Great job Jeff

Glen w/ a huge Panama Grouper caught on bucktail tied at Campsite!

Little Joe G w/ an awesome Striper he landed all by himself!! 16 pounds and 36". WAY TO GO JOE

Joe Pipia with a Nice Striper

Howard Gaber with a great fish

Billy enjoys a day fishing at Montauk

Glenn U with nice 8 pound Fluke Southside of Montauk

Crazy Al w/ a nice Cubera in Panama 2009

Kenny G w/ a Nice Colorado Trout! We miss you! Jordan's Rainbow was bigger though! Better luck next time.

Big Shawn-Little Shawn

Milkman and Marty The One Man Party slayed the bluefish in their secret spot!

Howie Gaber with a monster 13 pound Bonefish from Andros

Carmine with a beautiful brown from an undercut bank

Carmine with a very nice Rainbow

Kenny G w/ a beautiful Kokanee Salmon (which is basically a landlocked freshwater Sockeye) caught near Gunnison, Colorado. In freshwater, the Kokanee's colour is bright red with a pale green head. Very nice fish.Keep 'em coming Kenny!

Famed fly caster Mark Sedotti gave a fantastic presentation here. Everyone was eager to learn his secrets to a longer cast. Thanks for a great segment Mark!

FISH ON! Dan G w/ his first sailfish off Guatemala. Well done - she's gorgeous.

Stan w/ decent Tigerfish Zambezi River Mozambique. Beware:they have razor sharp teeth !

Shawn Patrick is getting an education this summer! Nice 44" bass for this yougster! Way to go kid.

Small, medium,large. Triple header on SS Milkman from his secret spot "in the water" Milkman, Azam and Shawn Patrick slayed them. Amazing day on the water.

Kerry M with her first striper of the season, a hefty 26 lbs from Long Island Sound. You Go Girl!

Big Billy out at Montauk

Stephen S w/ nice Dolly Varden. Lower Kenai R.,Alaska. Great catch Stephen!

Shawn w/ a nice pike. Saranac Lake, NY

Greg F w/ NY pike. Looks tasty.

Jason's smallmouth from Saranac Lake.

Shawn and his smallmouth bass. I work while he fishes..... Saranac Lake , NY

Bravo Nader! with his 20 pound-ish Block Island Cod. The January Cod run is hot! You're a trooper Nader- great job!

Campsite staffer Capt Vinny with a nice catch of fluke.

Robert M with a very nice Alaskan red salmon . Great job.

Capt Vinny hard at work at his secret spot "in the water".

Capt Vinny and client Russell S. w/ a nice 10 pound False Albacore caught LI Sound.

Robert M small salmon from Alaska.

Campsite staffer Capt Vinny shows off his 12 pound bonito out of Huntington. She's gorgeous.

Kenny G w/ a sweet Colorado rainbow trout. Looks bigger than Jordan's to me. Keep 'em coming kid

Robert M's nice male steelhead.

Robert M steelhead fishing Elk Creek Alaska

Robert M just got back from Chile. Very nice brown trout. Way to go! Take me next time... please!

Jason and daughter Charlotte w/ her first fish! You go girl!

Henry K w/ Montauk Bluefin tuna in the 225# range.

Capt Vinny's 23 pound striper caught out of Huntington. Way to go- keep 'em coming kid!

Henry K caught nice 200 pound Mako in The Canyon off Montauk .

Russel and Rob getting rewarded with a nice striper while dodging thunderstorms fishing with "Capt Vinny Catalano"

Capt Vinny tuna!

Mrs U. with her catch in Bahamas

Scott C w/ his 80 pound tuna off Montauk. Great job! Congrats

Jason's pike! Nice fish dude- Saranac Lake, NY

Shawn's Saranac smallmouth.

Anthony A w/ beautiful N Shore Albcore w/ Capt Vinny

Standard Insurance Corp outing in Montauk w/ Capt Vinny.

Mike The Chef putting the wood to the Montauk Albies w/ Capt Vinny

Kenny christened his new fly rod in Frying Pan River near Carbondale CO. Good job! Gorgeous fish

Capt Vinny with a monster striper caught "in the water..." Great job. Keep 'em coming.

Bill O and his son w/ Albie off Montauk Pt.

Dennis with his Bluefish. Way to go kid!

Tom and gang with their Montauk catch!

Ben F giving his new fly rod some action at Frying Pan river in CO. Way to go! And keep those brownies coming....

Kenny G with his gorgeous trout(even though Ben's looks bigger). Keep 'em coming.

Dave S caught this amazing large mouth bass off Montauk. Beautiful fish and beautiful pic. Congrats.

Capt Vinny with his monster reservoir Brown Trout! Congrats

Jackie Chic shows off his trophy striper with Capt Vinny

Big Billy showing off his striper!

Capt Vinny with his May striper. The fish are coming in heavy.

Who says carp don't eat flies!! Capt Vinny at his super-secret lake upstate NY spot. Ask him where, cuz he won't tell me.....

Chef Mike with a monster shad from the Deleware. Keep 'em coming

Dave L with his Deleware River shad. Great job.

Shawn Patrick caught his 1st keeper striper of 2012! Way to go and keep 'em coming!

Milkmans day out with a nice striper and blue fish! Way to go!

Jason G our newest staffer with his gorgeous Albie Shinnecock East. Great job and welcome.

Campsite staff Jason G with his Moriches bay 34" Striped bass. Nice one!. Way to go!

Mike A on the hunt for trout in Caleb Smith SP.

Mike A. successful! Congrats!

Carmine with the winners from Caleb Smith annual fly fishing tourney. Congrats guys! Fantasic event. See ya next year.

Chris A shows his monster bass. Congrats and keep 'em coming Chris. You are a fishing machine.

Jason G with his 19" finespot cutthroat trout, Teton County Wyoming . Caught with his own trout flies. Great job.

Perfect night!

Campsite Cabin Fever Series presenter Joe S going over fly tying and salmon fishing.

Presenter Joe S and crowd.

The result of Joe's fly tying demo

Campsite Cabin Fever Series Presenter Safet N explains his unqiue fly tying technique.