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Photo Gallery


Jon being awarded by Ray of the NYPD Bomb Squad. We should blow this one up!

TWO Eagle Scouts ! Congrats to Campsite staffers Mike and Evan on both becoming Eagle Scouts Spring 2009. Mike T(R)is from Troop 291 Hicksville. I have known Mike over four years now. He is a great friend, excellent staff member and a very compassionate person. For his ES project Mike collected food donations and refubished the storage facility at the Interfaith Nutrition Network Mens shelter. Evan M(L)is the newbie at Campsite and he always comes in w/ an upbeat ready to work attitude. He is from Troop 34 Huntington and for his ES project he dredged the pond and cleaned up around the dam at the historic Cold Spring Hbr Fish Hatchery. GREAT JOB GUYS! I'm proud of you!

Jonathan at Hurricane Pass in Colorado. What a view!

There she was-Mt McKinley , the highest peak in N.America at 20320 feet ,or as the locals call her- Denali. We got our first glimpse about 75 miles away. The clouds just opened up and invited us to snap away. Breathtaking


Denali just waiting to be conquered

Closeup of Denali

Denali from the air.

Pretty intimidating terrain.

Exciting landing on Elridge Glacier in Denali Nat'l Park. It's so quiet up there.

No its not Photoshop! Marie S, Stephens S, Tucker& Jon

I need to sell Stephen some hiking boots! I guess he didn't think a glacier would be cold....... You look like a size 9 from here.

Base Camp and expedition on Eldridge Glacier. Appears they "booked" rooms with a view.

One way to see Eldridge Glacier!

Roadside dining Alaska style

Bustling downtown Talkeetna- pop 800. This is the last bit of civilzation for mountain climbers heading to Denali.

Here is Cub Scout Pack 34 from Huntington having a popcorn fundraiser. I hope sales were brisk ,it was cold but that's the Scout spirit! Support Scouting!!

Postcard worthy

Stephen captured a rare occurence- 2 moose in battle! Chugiak, Alaska. Good thing he brought his camera.

Another Eagle Scout!! That makes Three. Kudos to Nolan C on earning his Eagle Scout. Nolan is a reliable and easy going Campsite staffer who is also a member of BSA Troop 86 Deer Park. For his ES project he refurbished the lavatories at the Deer Park Community Center. Nolan is also a competition shooter and competed at the Camp Perry Nationals in 2009. Nolan joined the ROTC in Fall 2010. Congrats on your accomplishments Nolan!

Zimbabwe full moon.

Mozambique village

Ancient rock painting Zimbabwe.

Jonathan and Jon at Settlers Pass, Zimbabwe celebrating the Rhodesian settlers in the 1850's.

Rhino in S Africa

Shawn's base camp Saranac Lake, NY. What a view!

Jon, Jonathan, Ken, Ray, Jordan&Ben rafting Colorado River in Utah. Notice how rock behind us looks like an Indian headress.

Base camp while white water rafting the Colorado River in Utah.

Nicest airport I've ever been to. The only way to travel -Alaska style

Hiking Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas

Another fisherman moving in on Robert M's spot.

Majestic! Bald Eagle Alaska

Welcome Scout Troop 406 Huntington. Lots of popcorn sales..... It was a gorgeous day. Thanks to all who made purchases, Support Scouting!

Marie S and friends hiked the Crow Pass trail 2 days in August. It's part of the original historic Iditarod Race Trail in Alaska. Awesome trip and thanks for sharing.

Marie psyched for her trip !

Marie S w/ Erin C, Emily R and Morgan D at the top of Crow Pass elevation 3500ft. !! Raven Glacier is behind them. This was only 3.5 miles into the 26 mile trip. All the elevation gain is essentially at the beginning.

Awesome view along the trail.

Erin, Morgan and Emily along the Eagle River AK leading up to their river crossing.

Morgan preparing to cross the Eagle River. It's glacier fed, so its COLD and deep. That faded white post in the backround is the trail continuation.

Official rules for the River crossing.

Mountain Goat , Zion Nat'l Park.

Emily making the River crossing.


Along the trail(remember its August..)

Desolation to some; relaxation to me.

Self explanatory...

Base camp second night along the Eagle River

Incredible view- thanks for sharing.

Cool river crossing.

Great pic! Low hanging clouds.

Marie S making her crossing.

Twin Falls

The other twin in Twin Falls, AK

Iditarod Trail marker.

Iditarod race ." The Last Great Race ". An amazing test of skill &endurance held every March from Anchorage to Nome Alaska . Race covers 1050 miles over 11 days. See you there!

We encountered herd of Mountain goats hiking Zion National Park Utah.

Santa made special visit to our Christmas party. Jordan got lumps of coal....