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Swarovski Optik EL Binoculars

The EL binoculars combine maximum functionality, innovation and design.
The unique wrap-around grip enables comfortable operation even with one hand. Low weight and excellent balance make light work of long observation periods. The sophisticated top-class optical system delivers high-contrast, lifelike image quality.

The EL 32 can be carried effortlessly for long periods due to its low weight and due to the user-friendly compact construction it not only sits extremely well in the hand but also fits in almost any outdoor coat.

It is also impressive due to its particularly outstanding observation qualities at short distances. The EL 32 is exceptionally well suited to observation at close due to its sensational close setting of only 7 feet.

Option: 32208- 8x32 (green) - $2,199.00
32210- 10x32 (green) - $2,299.00