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Shooting - Air Pistol

Crosman 357

Ten-shot repeater, real revolver mechanism, single- or double-action! This gun looks like the Colt Python and shoots 10 shots as fast as you can pull the trigger. Powered by a CO2The scientific notation for carbon dioxide. Powerlet, the Crosman 357W has a 6" rifledThe inside of a barrel containing a spiral pattern of high and low areas that grab the projectile and impart a spin to it as it passes through. The most common type of rifling is called lands (the higher areas) and grooves (the lower areas). steel barrel. The molded combat grips have finger grooves for added control (it's truly ambidextrous!). It's so realistic, your friends will have a hard time telling the difference between this and the firearm, although this airgunAny gun that fires a projectile or multiple projectiles by means of compressed gas, air or catapult action. is lighter.

*.177 Caliber, 435 fps

Option: 357 - $79.99