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Shooting - Air Pistol

Crosman American Classic 1377

One of the reasons it's so popular is that it delivers a real wallop, spitting pellets out the muzzleThe end of a barrel where the pellet comes out. at 600 fpsFeet per second, usually written f.p.s. (with 10 pumps). This pistol is suitable for plinking, popping paper targets, hitting spinners and killing tin cans.

This pistol comes with a blade front sight and a fully adjustable rear. You can mount a pistol scope or a red dot on it, but you'll need the 459MT intermount. The plastic grip and pump handle are checkeredA method of carving wood that leaves diamond-shaped protrusions to assist in gripping the gun. Also used for decoration. Sometimes incorrectly called knurling, which is a metal-cutting term that produces roughly the same pattern as checkering. to give you a firm grip. There's even

Option: 1377 - $79.95