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The new VX-Freedom defines what a rifle scope should be: reliable, accurate, and extremely clear and bright. We’ve taken decades of American manufacturing combined with unbeatable optical performance and rolled it in to a scope that is guaranteed to get the job done every time. With a host of new features, the VX-Freedom lets you unleash your rimfire, dominate from your tree stand, or stretch across an open draw with all the confidence in the world.

Option: 1746176- VX-FREEDOM 1.5-4X20 DUPLEX MATT - $225.00
174178- VX-FREEDOM 2-7X33 DUPLEX MATTE - $225.00
174179- VX-FREEDOM 2-7X33 RIMFIRE MOA - $225.00
174180- VX-FREEDOM 3-9X40 DUPLEX MATTE - $225.00
174182- VX-FREEDOM 3-9X40 CDS DUPLEX - $319.00
174183- VX-FREEDOM 3-9X40 TRI-MOA MATTE - $269.00
174184- VX-FREEDOM 3-9X40 ML ULT SLAM - $319.00
174185- VX-FREEDOM 3-9X50 DUPLEX MATTE - $269.00
174665- VX-FREEDOM 4-12X40 TRI-MOA MATT - $369.00